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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I love The Hunger Games novels so much that it was a real relief that the movies are so goddamn freaking awesome. But! There were a few vital changes in Catching Fire that true fans will have noticed...Did you spot them all?

1) Kisses with Katniss

In the book: Katniss and Gale only kiss once, whilst she kisses Peeta a whole lot; partly in the name of publicity, partly...feelings.

In the movie: Katniss and Gale kiss twice, and act quite couply. Katniss and Peeta don't kiss much, and usually look pretty miserable about it.

2) Gale's flogging

In the book: Gale is flogged for poaching turkeys.

In the movie: Gale is punished for protecting a District 12 Citizen from the Peacekeepers, lending him a more reckless/heroic aspect.

3) That dress

Katniss Everdeen's bridal gear

In the book: Katniss had been modelling her wedding gear on tour, so the Capitol's emotional investment in the dress has a bigger impact when she sets it on fire.

In the movie: The wedding dress is a total shocker.

4) Twill & Bonnie

In the book: Twill and Bonnie are two runaways from District 8, who give Katniss some vital information.

In the movie: They don't appear. Katniss has to wait a long time to get any information about anything.

5) Plutarch Heavensbee

In the book: He shows Katniss his Mockingjay watch to let her know he's one of the good guys.

In the movie: No watch, just a lot of caustic comments and eyebrow wiggling.

6) The Rue Memorial

In the book: Katniss doesn't see Peeta's memorial to Rue, but she makes her defiant Seneca Crane dummy anyway.

In the movie: Katniss is inspired by Peeta's stand, and is compelled to make the Seneca Crane dummy in solidarity with him and the movement.

7) Haymitch back in the day

In the book: Katniss and Peeta get to watch footage of Haymitch busting some butts in the Arena when he was a tribute.

In the movie: We don't get to see this at all, which is a pity.

8) You're drunk, Katniss, go home

In the book: On the pre-Quarter Quell tour, Katniss gets tanked, and does not handle her liquor very well.

In the movie: No booze for Katniss, but this is probably more inkeeping with the melancholy frame of mind.

9) Madge

In the book: Madge flirts with Gale, making Katniss a bit jealous.

In the movie: Zero Madge, but you gotta make a few cuts in a movie this long.

10) The Big Reveal

In the book: Katniss realizes that Plutarch, Haymitch and co. were in on the Revolution plan. She spends several days floating in a drugged up haze in hospital.

In the movie: Our final scene is Katniss' face. Her face says: 'Bring it on.'

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