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Mason's dad: "What's the point? I sure as shit don't know," "We're all just winging it."

Ever committed to bringing you the cream of the Sundance crop, the latest comes from Richard Linklater's 'extraordinary' coming of age drama Boyhood.

Here is what the Guardian had to say about the film, but let me warn you, the gushing is extreme here:

What an astonishing achievement; what a beautiful movie. Linklater shot Boyhood in sequence, at regular intervals, over an 11-year period, painstakingly toiling away in solitude to produce a kind of cinematic Book of Kells. Mason shoots up and goes gangly. His voice cracks and his heart is broken. And all around Mason, the other characters grow too. His harried mum () weathers a brace of bad marriages but finds fulfilment teaching psychology at the local college. His deadbeat dad () straightens out and stumbles arse-backwards into quiet contentment and a new family of his own.

Boyhood, it seems is tipped as one of the best films being debuted at Sundance 2014. Perhaps one of the reasons for its appeal is to do with the ever complex nature of family and our constant individual plight to configure an identity separate from the familial bond.

Whatever it is, being a fan of 's work, I know that I will be keeping a keen eye on release dates for I do not want to miss this- and neither should you!

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Source: The Guardian



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