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I guess someone, somewhere, got tired of looking at superhero costumes that guys have made, having no idea why girls find female superheroes' costumes kinda stoopid, and redesigned these threads to be more...heroic.

Thanks to Celeste Pille for these...

1. Black Canary

Fishnets are very practical. They help her martial arts and sonic-scream. No really!

2. Hawk Girl

Headwings. Just...because.

3. Huntress

Huntress really needed a good tailor to redistribute some of that useless cloak.

4. Power Girl

Cleavage window? What could have possibly gone wrong?

5. Psylocke

...Now with less rubber bands to cut off the blood supply and caught in her sword.

6. Scarlet Witch

Cleavage can't be that good for crime fighting, can it?

7. She-Hulk

Ab-revealing swimsuit... Go figure.

8. Spider-Woman

Who needs spines anyway? Not Spider-Woman on a massive skull.

9. Starfire

It counts as clothing if it's painted on, right? Wrong.

10. Valkyrie

Less leg, more metal plate, please!

11. Wonder Woman

Tube tops just aren't practical, Wonder Woman. They're just not.

12. Zatanna

I challenge you to find a woman who wants to save the world wearing a bowtie and Spanx.


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