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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

smoked a joint on live TV. Not only did she smoke a joint on live TV, but she did it like a boss.

She won an award, then blazed up in front of millions of people. In Amsterdam, so nobody could do a thing to stop her. Take that, all other stoners in the world.

Just look at these potheads who wish they were as cool as Miley Cyrus.

1) Guy who never passes it on.

2) Guy who you swear once offered you dog biscuits.

3) Guy coordinating smoking with Olympic table tennis.

4) Guy who's trying to make the noise an octopus makes.

5) Guy hotboxing his own face with fishbowl.

6) Guy who's disproportionately pleased with his ability to inhale.

7) Guy explaining Battlestar Galactica with this bizarrely aggressive dance.

8) Girl who does not care that this cake is all kinds of stale.

9) Guys desperate for the ice cream truck.

10) Guy who's watched the same episode of Adventure Time three times without noticing.

11) Guy attempting the Cyrus tongue-twerk.

12) Guy who will not leave your house.

In conlusion, Miley Cyrus smokes the blunts. Like a boss.


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