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If you watched the movie , one of the most notorious ghosts in the film was The Angry Princess — the spirit of a young woman that didn't believe in her natural beauty. One thing led to another, causing her to commit suicide, and her tortured soul was damned to walk this earth. Since is upon us and I'm feeling inspired by the movie, I decided to look for real-life angry princesses — real spirits of real-life princesses that haunt the places where they passed and others who are just harmless apparitions filled with anguish.

1. Princess Ronkonkoma — Suffolk County, New York

Lake Ronkonkoma is one of the deepest in New York, some claiming the lake is "bottomless" or that has some sort of "kettle hole" in it. The reason the lake is so popular and has been the focus of several TV shows as well as paranormal investigations is due to the famous legend of Princess Ronkonkoma. Daughter of the chief of the Setauket tribe, the princess fell in love with an English woodcutter who lived across the lake named Hugh Birdsall. He returned her affections, but her father disapproved of their relationship

One day, the princess could not longer stand being apart from her love and rowed to the middle of the lake before stabbing herself to death. Since her death, the lake is said to be cursed and must claim the life of a male victim once a year. Locals believe the princess comes for that one male to replace the love she never got and takes him with her. So far, there have been 35 recorded deaths, with only 3 of them being females.

2. Princess Angeline — Seattle, Washington

Pike Place Market is a well known for its produce and other goodies since before WWII and also for several ghostly apparitions that don't seem to want to leave. One of the most famous ones is that of princess Angeline, the eldest daughter of Chief Seattle, who lived in the area since she was born. The people around the princess became very fond of her, especially for her generosity. However, when developers invaded the market area, the native American people were asked to leave. Angeline basically told them to kiss her behind and stayed on the outskirts of the marketplace, making a living doing laundry. She passed away in 1896 and sightings of the beloved princess date back 100 years. They say her spirit is so lifelike that it actually looks like you can touch her before it suddenly vanishes away into thin air right in front of you.

3. The Princess Of Amen-Ra — British Museum, London, UK

The princess of Amen-Ra, a.k.a. "The Unlucky Mummy," is an ancient Egyptian artifact that dates back to the 21st dynasty. I say artifact because, in reality, the mummy is nothing more than a board made of wood and plaster, and to this day the identity of the real mummy has never been discovered. So why is she on this list? One word: Titanic.

As you might know, the famous R.M.S. Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the middle of the north Atlantic claiming the lives of approximately 1,600 people. Now, what does the mummy have to do with this tragedy? Well, according to legend, the cursed mummy happened to be on board the Titanic that fateful night — a wealthy businessman purchased the mummy named Princess Amen-Ra (no one knows how she got the name or who named her) and tragedies followed it ever since. The businessman that purchased the mummy mysteriously vanished after the mummy made its way into the hands of an American archeologist who didn't believe the tall tales. Shortly after, he committed suicide. Time and time again, everyone who comes into contact with the princess of Amen-Ra regrets it. Today she rests in room 62 of the British Museum where it is said that workers have reported screaming and crying noises coming from inside the coffin.

4. Princess Ratnavati — Bhangarh, India

Ratnavati princess of Bhangarh was popular in her kingdom for her alluring beauty. By the age of 18, the princess had turned down several of proposals, including that of a black magician by the name of Singhia. He wasn't about to leave the princess alone that easily, so he came up with the idea of making a magical oil to spellbind the princess forever. As young as she was, the princess was no fool and didn't fall for this trick. Instead, she poured the concoction on the ground, turning it into a big rock that rolled towards Singhia and crushed him.

In his dying words, he cursed the town to death that there would be no more rebirths. A war ensued soon after and the princess was eventually assassinated, but natives think that she was reincarnated and are waiting for her to return to put an end to the curse. People are often hurt or die mysteriously in the surrounding area and no one goes near after dark. If you do, you never come back.

5. Princess Caroline — London, England

Did the so called daughter of King Henry VIII ever exist? While there's no actual proof of this illegitimate "daughter," there's reason to believe her death was a coverup by the Tudor family to protect the king himself. It is said that that the princess in question died at the age of 13 months due to a wound to the head while playing in her bedroom inflicted by the king. Was it really a cover up? Either way, there has been speculation of the young princess haunting Leeds castle in England and supposedly the video above is evidence of it.

6. Princess Theater — Melbourne, Australia

Our next princess is a little different given the fact that she's not an actual human being but a building — the famous Princess Theater is home to several "see thru" performers, the most noted is the spirit of British/Italian actor Frederick Baker. In 1887, Baker performed in the opera play "Faust," where he played the character of Mephistopheles, a devil who makes people young after collecting their soul.

At the end of the opera we see Mephistopheles descending back to Hell. It seems that during that scene Baker became overwhelmed by the play and died of a heart attack. He was dead by the time the actor's trap door hit the cellar beneath him. The director gathered the cast and told them what had happened. The actors were puzzled, as they claimed to have seen Frederick bow in front of the audience just moments before hearing of his death. Since then, his ghost still wanders the Princess Theater and can even be seen wearing different outfits.

7. Princess Marie Louise Of Savoy — Paris, France

Known to be best friend and confidant of Queen Marie Antoinette (and sometimes referred to her as her lover) thanks to her loyalties to the Queen, Savoy was murdered by a group of strange man in the streets of Paris during the French revolution. The group killed her within minutes, but not before they raped her, sliced her breasts and mutilated some other parts. She was then beheaded and her head put on display for the Queen to see — the rest of her body was never found. Now, reports of a woman in a long gown appearing in the same spot where she was murdered allegedly walks around without a head, the location — a station of the Paris metro.

8. Princess Diana — Wales, UK

Perhaps the most influential and noted princess on our list is the beloved Princess Diana of Wales. Diana has been an icon of society and will forever remain as such, but it seems that her soul hasn't been able to find the peace it deserves. According to numerous claims, the day of Prince William and Kate's wedding, a video went viral that supposedly showed the spirit of Diana standing behind them (I simply couldn't see it). In 2015, identical psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison revealed they had been "possessed" by the spirit of Diana. When the twins were asked what happened that day of the crash, Diana replied:

I've chosen my destiny, but I'm thrilled with the birth of my grandchildren.

Even the gardener from the first home she shared with Prince Charles has also witnessed her ghostly figure visiting the garden where her children grew up.

9. The Pilliga Princess — New South Wales, Australia

No one knows why this woman was known as the Pilliga princess. According to legend, this woman was often hitchhiking from town to town, being picked up by any trucker passing by. On a a particular night in 1993, it is said that in between travels she was hit by a truck and killed. Princess Pilliga can still be seen today trying to catch a lift from anyone who's willing to give it to her and she's been seen pushing a cart along the highway.

10. Princess Trahlyta — Dahlonega, Georgia

A princess said to have found the coveted "Fountain of Youth," she would drink from the spring and with each passing day became more beautiful. Word spread about this and a suitor (whom she had rejected previously) kidnapped the princess and kept her locked away. The princess grew sad and weak and asked "Wahsega" to bury her in the mountain where she was from and where the spring was located.

Strangers, as they pass, may drop a stone on my grave and they too shall be young and happy as I once was

The big stone piles still exists to this day and every time someone passes by they drop a stone in memory of the lost princess. The city has tried removing the stones twice and at least one person has died while others have suffered injuries. It seems like Trahlyta is right where she belongs.

11. Princess Noccalula — Gadsden, Alabama

Cherokee princess Noccalula — daughter of a powerful chief and in love with a brave warrior from her tribe — was traded by her father to another Indian chief for several items while her true love disappeared. When the day of her marriage arrived, the princess slipped away while everyone was feasting. She ran through the forest to the top of a waterfall. There, she sang a song for her lover and jumped to her death, hitting the rocks below. Now, visitors to the park and the waterfall can hear the voice of a woman singing and echoing throughout the falls.

12. Princess Anne — Somerset County, Maryland

The beautiful town has a lot to offer: amazing views, historic homes and ghosts. The town is home to several known haunted areas and they even have a "Ghost Walk" that takes you to different paranormal hot spots. You can visit the Teackle Mansion, the site where a hanging man was captured on camera, a local jailhouse, and even a haunted tree. The tour is very eerie and due to its macabre content, children are not allowed to attend.

13. Princess Takiyasha — Tokyo, Japan

Daughter of a provincial warlord back in 936 AD, the princess was left alone to live in her ruined palace after her father and an entire rebellion was put down. The man responsible for this tragedy was a man named "Mitsukuni," who came back to the palace after to look for conspirators when he came across the princess face to face. According to legend, what he didn't know was that she was a witch. She recited a spell that brought forth a giant skeleton out of a black void and crushed Mitsukini and his men with its boney fingers. Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi depicted the scene in a woodblock print, and a copy of this can be seen at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

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