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We may know the reasons why Hannah Baker took her own life and how her suicide impacted the classmates closest to her, but there are still some mysteries fans don't know yet, like: Who is Tony, and what goes on inside that perfectly coiffed pompadour head of his? Who better to give us insight on this enigmatic character than the actor who plays him?

Clay Jensen's unhelpful Yoda, played by Christian Navarro, recently posted a short video to Instagram of him and his friend singing a song the duo wrote about his character Tony in 13 Reasons Why. Watch the video below:

The short song Navarro was inspired to write is a melancholic reflection about the late Hannah Baker, singing "It has only been a year" and "Wishing you were here." As seemingly cool and collected Tony appears to be in , compared to Clay and the rest of the students at Liberty High School, Navarro offers what he believes is Tony's own inner turmoil over Hannah's death and the personal burden he assumes as the keeper of Hannah's tapes, ensuring her last wishes are carried out.

Navarro isn't the only cast member who is musically inclined. Actor Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay on the show, is a member of the band Wallows, and clips of their band's live performances can be found on their official Instagram account:

Even before newcomer actress Katherine Langford landed the part of Hannah Baker, old YouTube videos of Langford have resurfaced of her playing piano and singing songs she wrote herself:

What a musically talented cast! Wouldn't it be amazing to hear Tony, Clay and Hannah sing a song on the show? Or, maybe contribute an original song for the next TV show soundtrack? We could dream, can't we?

Would you want to hear more songs from Christian Navarro?

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