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While the entirety of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is emotional to watch thanks to the somber subject matter of the series, the show really takes a dark twist in the final two episodes of Season 1.

While Episode 13 showed Hannah (Katherine Langford) committing suicide in graphic detail, Episode 12 of contains the devastating moment when Hannah was raped by Bryce. The scene is harrowing, and in an interview with EW, showrunner Brian Yorkey talked about why it became so important to have a woman direct Episode 12:

"We felt really strongly that we wanted to have a woman direct the episode, for a few reasons. We wanted Katherine to be very comfortable with what it was she had to do and we felt it would be helpful for another woman to be guiding her through it. We also wanted a woman because a great deal of the show is Hannah being seen through the male gaze. It was very important to us for Hannah to be led by a woman [for this episode]."

In the end, it was former Grey's Anatomy and American Crime director Jessica Yu who had the honor of directing Episode 12, in addition to also directing Episode 11. Hearing Katherine Langford's praise for working with Yu makes it clear that the 13 Reasons Why crew had made the right choice for director:

"It was a real privilege working with Jessica Yu. ... I think, as a woman, she was able to talk to me in a way maybe that I could understand on a deeper or more personal level. I felt so looked after.

I remember her talking about how we were going to shoot it and how different angles could make it look sexual, which is another problem: So much porn is based on rape fantasy. And so for her, shooting it was about not making it look like sex but more a physical action."

13 Reasons Why Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.


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