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Dania Lerman

With the Ninja Turtles inching closer and closer to the big screen, we thought we'd let you in on the record breaking diversity of the those who tried out for the movie. Here are 14 animals who wanted to fight alongside our ninjas:

1) This kitty cat street gang lets no one cross their territory:

Unfortunately they only wanted to fight each other.

2) This goat mastered stealth, style and ultimate intimidation on his two front legs:

But he was too unstable and failed to awe us on four legs.

3) This fierce kitten clawed like no ones' business:

But when we had him fight someone other than a house pet, his performance wasn't as impressive.

4) These turtles got an A for effort:

We were super psyched about these guys until we realized their size:

But seriously, good effort.

5) This cat could seriously drop and roll:

...but never quite pulled off landing.

6) This panda could somersault with the force of a catapult:

But after one roll, lied down and chewed bamboo the whole day.

7) These dolphins had serious ninja potential:

Unfortunately, we couldn't secure proper dwellings, and after Blackfish, we knew we couldn't get away with anything haphazard.

8) This sly cat never leaves paw prints:

...but meows continuously when he can't get down.

9) This puppy with hiccups:

We weren't sure why received this until we read "being unbearably cute" as the primary form of defense. Thanks pup, but no.

10) No one can cross this cat:

Unfortunately that included the film crew.

11) These polar bears can properly wrestle: the risk of killing our entire staff.

12) This cat clears his own path:

...which was problematic due to the abundance of expensive equipment.

13) This dog already had a costume:

...which, unfortunately, had not been approved by the franchise.

13) This master of disguise had a shell of her own, and almost made the cut:

...but was overwhelmed by the excitement and wouldn't leave her shell.


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