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Dania Lerman

Pretty soon we get to watch Scar Jo become the sexiest alien of ALL TIME when she reveals everything to lure some hopeless man feed into her deadly alien arms. While we're waiting, feast your eyes on these 15 other sexy aliens whose ranks Scarlett is about to join:

1) Neytiri, Planet Pandora

Oh baby I'll convert to your Mother Goddess!

2) Princess Leia, Planet Alderaan

I mean...can you really blame Jabba for wanting to keep her so close?

3) Leeloo, Planet Mondoshawan

...AKA why Bruce Willis is actually the luckiest man on (/off) Earth.

4) Gaila, Planet Orion

...and then I started watching Star Trek. A lot.

5) Serleena, Planet Kylothia

The only time we haven't wanted to know what's actually underneath a model's lingerie...

6) Supergirl, Planet Krypton

...Wonder Woman who?

7) Jenny, Planet Messaline

Doctor Who gave her an extra heart and it's ALL mine!

8) Alice, Planet Cybertron

Destructive technology + a very toned, tan body = Transformers most deadliest victim yet.

9) Chiana, Planet Nebari Prime

She's sexy, she's feisty and she's even got a heart - and a big one, too.

10) Seven of Nine, Tendara Colony

Whatever you say, girl!

11) Leela, (future) Planet Earth

Fry wasn't the only one to be immediately infatuated.

12) Dame Vaadko, Planet Helion Prime

I'd go Necromonger for Dame. In a heartbeat.

13) Laliari, Planet Thermia

Even if she strangled me with those tentacles it would totally be worth it.

14) Padme Amidala, Planet Naboo

You don't deserve her, Darth Vadar!

15) Galaxina, Planet PLAYBOY (not really but might as well be...)

Um...she's a Playmate. End of story.


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