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Ben Kubota

The Wolverine will hit theaters on the Jul 26, 2013. At the same time Marvel plans to release a massive 16lb, 720 page, $200 collectors edition of all essential Wolverine comics called Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection. This beast will include the following storylines:

  • [Wolverine: Origin]( by Paul Jenkins and Adam Kubert
  • Wolverine: Weapon X by Barry Windsor Smith
  • [Wolverine]( by Chris Claremont and
  • Wolverine: Not Dead Yet by Warren Ellis and Leinil Yu
  • [Wolverine & The X-Men]( by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo
  • Some single issues by Larry Hama, Mark Millar, Dave Cockrum, Jim Lee and Kaare Andrews

Unfortunately, it does not include Old Man Logan, which is still one of my favorite Wolverine stories. It's still a decent package, especially Origin and Chris Claremont comics are worth reading.

As this is a movie page, I'm curious, do you read the comics too?


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