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As we usher in a new year, it's time to pause our festivities to wish a happy 10 YEAR anniversary to our beloved savior of the universe.

Here are 17 things you never knew about The Chronicles Of Riddick. Enjoy!

1) Vin Diesel wanted Judi Dench to play Aereon so badly that he stalled the casting process until she accepted, and filled her dressing room with flowers when she did.

2) Sadly, Judi later admitted she never understood what was going on in the movie.

3) ...but she still got to wear a dress made from crushed Swarovski crystals!

4) Nick Chinlund accidentally swallowed a fake tooth during a stunt on the Planet UV-6 Set.

5) ...which might have something to do with why they hired Cirque du Soleil performers to be tossed around as Necromongers!

6) But, regardless, Nick still enjoyed playing Toombs so much that he wrote a Merc Cookbook.

7) This line:

was based on the infamous remark made by General Phil Sheridan during the Civil War: "If I owned Hell and Texas, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell."

8) The fight scene between Riddick, the Mercs and Necromongers was filmed on Vin Diesel's birthday.

9) The Necromonger statues are based on the sculptures of Adolfo Wildt.

10) It took 6 WEEKS to make one head covering for Lord Marshal.

11) ...whose birth name, by the way, is Zhylaw.


12) The original script had Riddick fighting the Bioraptors for entertainment, gladiator style.

He was then captured by a merc named "Big Foe", AKA Jack from Pitch Black. He was brought back to the planet only to find that the creatures were sentient and wanted revenge on Riddick, as dictated by the evil god they worshiped.

13) Chronicles is the only film in the franchise rated PG-13.

14) because the total body count is 57?!

15) The green screen used to create the Crematoria landscape is reflected in Riddick's goggles.

16) The only opening credit is the title of the film. No cast or crew information is shown.

17) And as for the ending, in the directors cut, it's SUPER abrupt.

Riddick says "You keep what you kill" instead of Vaako, and Aereon's voice-over is left out.


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