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Eszter Simor

Good news, team-up film fans! and 's oldschool buddy movie (based on a graphic novel, of course) might get a sequel. The two charizmatic stars teamed up as undercover agents in 2 Guns; and director is thinking a sequel would be a great opportunity to "have more fun".

As Screenrant reports, the Icelandic director has discussed the possibility of making another film about the misadventures of the buddy duo with Wahlberg. Marky Mark also produced the original film, which doubled the costs ($61 million) at the box office.

Kormákur was talking about the prospects of a sequel in an interview with EW. He said:

Yeah, [Mark and I] talked about it as a possibility, absolutely, but it hasn’t got to the stage of like, “Let’s do it.” Of course, I would love to, but that’s a financial discussion that I haven’t had. Certainly, there could be more to come from [Wahlberg and Washington's characters]. It’s a great opportunity to do that and have more fun, but if not, that’s fine.

(Source: EW via Screenrant)

Would you like to see Stig and Bobby fighting for the role of the alpha male in another oldschool action movie?


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