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2016 is over, which means it's time to look back on all of the incredible movies the year gave us. The range of movies was also exceptional, from top-quality animations like Moana and Sausage Party, to amazing Oscar contenders like Arrival, Sully and La La Land. Some of the most fantastic films of this year were also found outside the usual blockbuster fare, like Don't Breathe and Kubo and The Two Strings.

Everybody knows IMDB's Top 250 movie list; it's really the bible for looking at movie ratings online, and showcases the best of the best. A surprisingly modest number of movies from 2016 made it into the list — let me know which other films you feel should've made the cut!

1. Zootopia / Zootropolis

A Instant Classic [Credit: Disney]
A Instant Classic [Credit: Disney]

Rating: 8.0

Placing: 233

First up on our list is the instant classic, Zootopia (or Zootropolis). This animated caper follows Nick Wilde, a charming, con-man fox who helps the eager cop Judy Hopps solve a very suspicious case. This deals with some tough real-world subjects like racism and sexism in a way that might go undetected by kids, but which makes this film a fantastic watch for any age. This star-studded film, with the likes of Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin should go down as one of Disney's best film yet and gives us great anticipation for their next project!

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Felicity Jones in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]
Felicity Jones in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]

Rating: 8.1

Placing: 229

This is the second Disney film on our list, in a year that saw them totally dominate the box office. It's also worth mentioning that it's Star Wars's second year in a row making the IMDb top 250 list!

Between Rogue One and The Force Awakens, I'm not sure which movie I preferred, but I do know that both of them deserve a spot on the top 250 list for being some of the best blockbusters I've seen in recent years. Rogue One served as an exceptional espionage story with some heart-felt themes and great connectivity to the rest of the Star Wars lore. Even though it was one of the last big films to come out in 2016, it still made a huge impact on critics and viewers worldwide.

3. Arrival

Amy Adams in 'Arrival' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
Amy Adams in 'Arrival' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Rating: 8.3

Placing: 112

The next film on our list is the fantastic, critically-acclaimed Arrival, which was one of the best sci-fi films I've seen in years! Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner turn in wonderful performances in this beautifully directed film by Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario). I think this film is a very strong contender for tons of Oscars this year, and I can only see the rating for this film going up in the years to come!

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4. Hacksaw Ridge

Oscar for Andrew Garfield? [Credit: Lionsgate]
Oscar for Andrew Garfield? [Credit: Lionsgate]

Rating: 8.5

Placing: 91

Say what you will about 2016's movies, but it's been one hell of a year for British-born actor Andrew Garfield, who's starred in two critically acclaimed movies this year: Silence and the film in question here, Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge follows the story of Desmond Doss, who was the first man in American history to receive a Medal of Honour without firing a single shot. This was purely down to the fact that Desmond didn't want to kill anybody. This war-time drama was directed by the infamous Mel Gibson and is gathering tons of buzz ahead of the Oscars for being one of 2016's best!

5. La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Rating: 8.8

Placing: 26

Next up on our list is my most-anticipated film of last year, La La Land. The beautiful La La Land is an original musical, with the the director and composer from Whiplash back again, with Damian Chazelle in the director chair and Justin Hurwitz composing. This critically acclaimed masterpiece is tipped to steal the show at every awards show this season, and I can't wait to see it climb up the IMDb top 250 list.

'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

It's important to remember that all these movies are subject to change, and this article is based on the ratings of the time I wrote it, which is the 7th of January 2017. Films like Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Silence and Moonlight are quite likely to join the ranks of these films in the top 250. 2016 was undoubtedly a solid year for films which captured the hearts of critics and audiences alike — hopefully, 2017 can keep up the good work!


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