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Madison Square Garden hosted the VMAs this year and MTV invited Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Nikki Minaj, Nick Jonas, Future, and The Chainsmokers to their stage to perform. Despite a few technical hiccups, the award show provided some stunning moments and nice surprises. We take a look at the highlights of this year's VMAs below:

1. Beyoncé Got Into Formation

This year has seen some big videos from the biggest names; from Rihanna, to Kanye to David Bowie, though none of them broke the internet quite like Beyoncé did with her incredible visual album Lemonade. Bey continued her domination of the night by conquering the best female video title for her vivid and empowering "Hold Up," but lost to Fifth Harmony for the best collaboration award. Unfazed, she killed the show with a medley of songs from Lemonade that showed Britney, Fifth Harmony, Rihanna and any other pretenders to the crown that her reign as Queen B is far from over.

Check out Beyoncé's incredible outfit on the red carpet with Blue Ivy:

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2. Drake Swings And Misses

Image: MTV
Image: MTV

Drake broke the internet this year in a different way: By becoming a meme. His video for "Hotline Bling" was stunning for its color and its simplicity, but mostly for his dance moves inspired by half drunk dads at barbecues, embarrassing their teenage children. The video shows that Drake still has a sense of humor despite his melancholic lyrics. Sadly, Drake couldn't make it in time to accept the award due to being stuck in traffic. That's right, celebrities are just like us, they don't get helicopters everywhere despite that being his main mode of transport in his videos.

3. Rihanna Steals The Show

The night might have featured Bey heavily, but she graciously shared the spotlight with Rihanna who was being honored with the Video Vanguard award for a career in eye-catching, innovative videos. Drake attempted to use this moment to profess his love for her and go in for a kiss that she dodged with accuracy, which would suggest this wasn't the first time. Riri did not let Drake's attempts spoil her night as she performed four times in a jaw-dropping retrospective look at the different phases in her career.

Distance Drake, Remember Boundaries?
Distance Drake, Remember Boundaries?

4. Britney's Still Got It

It seemed to be the night of too many divas as Rihanna was awarded with a lifetime achievement award and Bey slayed. Britney's performance stood out for its simple use of shadow play and her vibrant choreography, proving she still has it. Following Beyoncé is never going to be easy but Britney surprised the crowd. It started with a few lip-syncing speed bumps but ended up getting people out of their seats dancing by the end.

Britney does some shadow boxing at the VMAs
Britney does some shadow boxing at the VMAs

5. Houston, We Have A Kanye

It wouldn't be a VMA awards show without an arrogant interruption from Kanye West and this year was no different. The MTV producers reportedly gave Mr. West a four-minute slot for what they thought would be an unveiling of his new video "Fade," but was used as a platform to discuss... whatever was on Kanye's mind at that moment. Like some strange performance art, Yeezus started flowing and discussed his love for Taylor Swift (despite their rocky past), how his wife is a "G" and how he'll be remembered as an innovator like Truman, Ford and Jobs. Before the unveiling, he also talked about putting his beef with Ray J behind.

Check out a snippet of the ramble below:

What was your favorite moment of the VMAs?


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