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Another day, another back-of-the-head shot from posted via his Twitter account from the set of Hercules. This one comes with two facts you didn't know: 1.) That The Rock's biceps are 22 inches (at least, I certainly hope he's talking about his biceps), and 2.) that his time in the make-up chair takes four hours.

Four hours, you say? I find it hard to believe attaching a simple wig to his head takes that long, so this lends further evidence to my theory that he's having some major prosthetic or make-up work done to his face, which is why he keeps refusing to show it.

Hercules: The Thracian Wars hits theaters next July 25th, so it will be interesting to see if MGM/Paramount choose to show his face in any of the official promotional material. If the prosthetics/make-up theory holds true, it could be that they have instructed Johnson to tweet as much as he wants, but avoid showing his face so as not to spoil any of the official shots.

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