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What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It worked for Burt Bacharach — and Jesus, too! Love thy enemy is something the Prince of Peace really took to heart.

So in the spirit of the greatest zombie that ever lived, Spanish designer Nacho Diaz, a.k.a Naolito, is illustrating that rule with some serious hero-to-villain affection. From literature, TV and film, to comics and video games, no one is safe from this artist's loving embrace.

Of course, it all goes down much easier if the heroes are drawn as kids and the villains are their beloved toys. It's all just so adorable and lovely.

Naolito has just finished fully funding a Kickstarter campaign to collect all this preciousness into a book, titled "Villains Need Love."

1. Spider-Man And Venom

2. Link And Ganondorf

3. Anna And Elsa

4. Super Mario And Bowser

5. Harry Potter And Voldemort

6. Joy And Anger

7. Dorothy And The Wicked Witch

8. Buzz Lightyear And Emperor Zurg

9. Frodo And Gollum

10. Chihiro And No-Face

11. Finn And The Ice King

12. Goku And Piccolo

13. Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood And LeChuck

14. Ariel And Ursula

15. The Hulk And Loki

16. The Bride And Kill Bill

17. Deadpool And His Little Self

18. Herobrine And Creeper

19. The Thing And Dr Doom

20. Rey And Kylo Ren

21. Batman And The Joker

22. Snow White And The Evil Queen

23. Captain America And The Winter Soldier

24. Max And The Wild Thing

25. Fry And Bender

26. Peter Pan And Captain Hook

27. Furiosa And Immortan Joe

28. Genie And Jafar

29. Luke Skywalker And Darth Vader

Let me know your favorite match-ups in the comments section.


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