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Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher has gained a lot of popularity since Jon Bernthal portrayed him in season two of Daredevil on . Marvel has made a few attempted at making the Punisher a popular movie character (Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Stevenson) but each attempt has been met with with little to no success. But despite being out of luck on the big screen, The Punisher always has a comic book run available and is an incredibly successful character. Whether it's Punisher in the regular 616 Universe, surrounded by people with superpowers, or if he's in the realistic 200111 Universe (Punisher MAX), Punisher always dominates his opponents.

Recently, Brian Michael Bendis decided to write a series called Punisher: End of Days. Bendis has written a plethora of Avenger titles, created characters such as Jessica Jones and Miles Morales, and is the man responsible for Luke Cage's revival - so this is truly something to be excited about. Speaking with, Bendis elaborated on his plans for Frank Castle.

“You get these characters that react, and you want them to react honestly ... Some of them are going to [expletive] their pants, and some are going to figure out what they want. Now, what’s cool that you brought up is that some of this we are going to address—and then things developed further where were given the OK to do a 'Punisher: End of Days' series, like we did with Daredevil. But this won’t be like a sequel, but instead, kind of like a ‘side-quel’ with Punisher. It’s in that world with The Punisher trying to attempt his final ‘Punish.'"

Bendis has been one of Marvel's premier writers since he started Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000. The story will be both dark and entertaining, which is evident when you read Alias or the current Jessica Jones run. While this is a great idea, this is not the first time the Punisher's last mission has been explored.

The Punisher has had a few deaths during his time as a character, and some of them would make for a great finale for Jon Bernthal when his run as Frank Castle comes to an end. With that in mind, here are three examples of the character's end, and why they would work well for Jon Bernthal's version of the character.

Punisher: The End

  • Written by Garth Ennis
  • Artist: Richard Corben
  • Colorist: Lee Loughridge
(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

In what may be my favorite version of Punisher's last mission, Frank Castle finds himself faced with the end of the world. The story starts with a nuclear holocaust and the safest place on Earth is solitary confinement. Punisher eventually escapes prison and makes his way through a version of the United States that had been destroyed by nuclear war.

He eventually gets to a bunker in New York, where the rich decided to hide while the world descended into chaos. Punisher ultimately describes the human race as a failed experiment and kills the last remaining people on Earth.

Well, if that isn't dramatic enough for you, I don't know what is. Frank Castle's last story is one where he punishes not only the last criminals, but also the last people on earth.

Punisher MAX

  • Created by Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon
  • Written by Jason Aaron
  • Artist: Steve Dillon

Punisher is old, and isn't healing like he used to. He's slower, weaker, and isn't striking fear into the hearts of criminals like he used to - but he has one mission left to complete.

Frank sets out to kill Wilson Fisk for his final mission. He goes through a number of goons (including Elektra and Bullseye) before killing Fisk, eventually falling over from blood loss outside his family's old house. This would be my personal pick for Netflix's Punisher ending, mostly because it involves Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin.

Watching the two of them play cat and mouse for thirteen episodes just to watch both characters perish would be great television.

Punisher :War Zone Volume 3

  • Created by Greg Rucka
  • Written by Greg Rucka
  • Artists: Carmine Di Giandomenico and Matthew Hollingsworth
(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

You may being thinking that the Punisher is below the Avengers pay grade, and that there's therefore no reason for Tony Stark and friends to combine their efforts and take him down. Well, I'd have agreed with you, if not for the fact that Punisher is tactically smarter than many heroes and villains.

Frank Castle has booby-trapped Iron Man's armor, tricked Spider-Man and even gained Thor's respect. Seeing him take out the Avengers one at a time wasn't that shocking to me, but it was pretty cool to see how it turned out. This would result in some fantastic Netflix moments, and could even start another series where Marvel Comics previously dropped the ball, starring Sgt. Rachel Cole-Alves.

(Credit: Marvel)
(Credit: Marvel)

Like Frank Castle, Cole-Alves survived a gang hit that killed everyone she loved. Eventually, she teams up with Castle as he shows her the ropes. The story ends with The Avengers finally taking Frank Castle down after Cap asks him surrender, resulting in Castle's underwater imprisonment in a cell designed by Stark. Despite this, Cole-Alves is in California to continue the Punisher's work.

So, those are three options Netflix has when the time comes to kill Frank Castle. Little is known about the upcoming series starring the Punisher, but it's due out this November.

I'd love to know which option, if any, you think would be best and why, so let me know with a comment below.


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