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The second #WonderWoman trailer debuted on Thursday and, to go traditional southern belle, it gave me the vapors. Excitement for the movie has built since the first teaser was released at #SDCC earlier this year, and has gained momentum and solid praise ever since. #DC has a track record for releasing great trailers and less than stellar films.

#ManOfSteel and #BatmanVSuperman both got fans excited and then let them down when the actual films were released. However, since the promotion of #GeoffJohns, the DCEU has seen a decided upswing in fan reaction, and it looks as though, after some course correction, may be on the right track.

1. The Film Is A Lot Brighter

Image via Newsarama
Image via Newsarama

One of the biggest complaints about the #DCEU was that it was too dark in more ways than one. The color palette for Batman V Superman was so monochromatic it was hard to tell that Wonder Woman’s costume even had colors in it upon first look. Supposedly, they were dulled in the first shot and later releases saw the more vibrant colors. This seems to have been fixed in the newly released trailer. Wonder Woman stands out against the dull backdrop of the WWI setting. Paradise Island looks like, well, paradise. The colors make for an especially fun film — something the DC movies have lacked for some time.

2. We Get A Glimpse At The Story

image via Grapevine
image via Grapevine

More than just a teaser, we finally get some snippets of story. We see that the film will take place now as well as back in the past. This makes sense as they follow up on some of the events of Batman V Superman along with telling the story of why Diana gave up fighting for humanity in the first place. I for one, as a fan, am still waiting to see what she meant by “I’ve fought monsters from other worlds before” line. While it is unconfirmed, Ares is sure to play a role in the film and he would certainly fit the criteria. It is also apparent that Diana will fill the role of Steve Trevor’s secretary and a woman of that era. Although, it would appear that she will be bucking those tropes as…

3. There Appears To Be A Good Bit Of Humor

Image via CBR
Image via CBR

Setting the film primarily in WWI is a bold move on DC’s part. Generally, when one sees a German uniform, it is automatically assumed to be WWII era, but this film went with a lesser-used era — and bravo for them. They can show that Wonder Woman is a strong female presence in a time when women had little to no rights. Much of the humor stems from the societal clash that Diana Prince will inevitably encounter throughout the film. The other bit of humor will most likely stem from Chris Pine as he reacts to Wonder Woman’s brash attitude and plays against her as the type of strong leading man. Etta Candy will surely bring up the comedic rear (pun not intended), what with her having the majority of the punch lines in the teasers as well as the new trailer.

Final Thoughts

Anticipation for the film has grown to a fever pitch. Not only is it the first female DC solo movie, it’s the first female superhero movie ever. There is a lot riding on this in terms of not only providing a good action adventure story, but a strong female-led film both in front of and behind the camera. Patty Jenkins, who left #ThorTheDarkWorld shows a well-conceived fantasy setting in Themyscira as well as the ability to handle action very well. On June 2, 2017, we fans are in for a wonderful treat.

What did you think of the trailer? See the trailer again and sound off in the comments!

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