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Bad news for fans of the 300 films (or, well, film, as there's only been one released so far): The latest snag out of Hollywood is that the release of 300: Rise of an Empire, the much-awaited sequel, is being delayed.

The film is apparently being pushed back from August of this year to March 7th of next year. With vehicle Edge of Tomorrow vacating the March slot and moving to June, it opened up an early spring slot for the 300 sequel.

Considering the weird lack of buzz surrounding the movie, it's probably a savvy move. This summer was already heavy with R-rated graphic novel adaptations, including Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and 2 Guns. Moving it from the summer blockbuster season to a month in which it will face less competition might help Warner Bros. recoup some of the what can only be considered massive costs accrued by the production.

It's unclear as to why there is a decided lack of interest surrounding the sequel, considering the first was a groundbreaking, box office juggernaut when it hit theaters in 2006. It could be a combination of things: Too much time passing between movies, virtually the entire cast being replaced with the exception of (who was never the star of the first movie), stepping back into a producer's role rather than directing, or the fact there is no built-in fanbase due to the sequel not being based on a preexisting graphic novel. Though word on the street is that creator is working on a graphic novel based on the story of the movie to address this.

Are you looking forward to this? Do you think it was a savvy move by Warner Bros. to bump the movie's start date back? Let us know in the comments and [[follow]] away to stay updated.



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