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The underdog fight of the last few millennia has been recreated in a sandbox mod for Total War: Rome II, with expectedly bloody scenes. Epic Battle Simulator sets 300 Spartan soldiers in a battle against overwhelming odds as they try to defeat 20,000 Persian warriors. It sounds like blasphemy, madness!


Here are the 300 defending the costal pass of Thermopylae. They must stand their ground against a daunting force of Persians. Can superior tactics and ingrained fighting techniques really overcome such a numbers deficit?

They didn't win in real life but there are fewer Persians here than historians suggest were actually present, so maybe the odds have shifted.

This Is Where They Die

You can see what 20,000 people actually looks like here. Those of you hoping for a Spartan victory are hopeful indeed.

First Blood

Flowers of crimson bloom from the enemy as Spartan spears plunge deep in Persian flesh. Having that extra weapon reach will start off helpful but become a hinderance once the enemy forces move in closer.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

An almost constant wall of blood springs from the line dividing the two groups of enemy forces. It looks to favor the Spartans, though.

Accidents Happen

While the battle rages on and the death toll rises, we see some unfortunate Persians who will never see the faces of the Spartans. Glory isn't for everyone.

Spartans Grow Weary

Persians continue to pour over the mountain made by their dead brothers in arms. The Spartans' resolve is impressive, though they are now fewer in numbers than ever.

Their Watch Is Over

The last Spartans finally fall after a valiant fight, but it's hard to ignore how many Persians still remain. They managed to wipe out 9610 with an additional 63 succumbing to gravity, so they still had 10,327 Persians to kill if they were aiming for victory.

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What Did You Expect?

The odds were definitely in Persia's favor, but the Spartans had a K/D ratio of about 32/1 which is pretty good considering (though they'd need to get to about 67/1 to win).

Here's the full video of the battle:

Brilliantgamestudios, creators of Epic Battle Simulator, has said they managed to get a Spartan win but only by creating a 2 meter-wide passage which funnels out into a line of Spartan soldiers. Even then, only forty of the three hundred survived.

What do you think could even the odds? What battles would you want to see take place? Leave a comment below!


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