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Is it a snake? Is it a dragon's tail? Or is it yet another one of Taylor Swift's impressive marketing strategies? After deleting her profile pictures and all her posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr on Friday, the pop princess continued to drive her legions of fans crazy with anticipation when she posted a mysterious 10-second video across her social media accounts only a few days later.

Released just as America was embracing the first solar eclipse in close to a century, many observers naturally felt that the video was another one of Swift's well-timed marketing tactics.

Presented without any caption, the distorted, silent clip appears to depict a moving snake tail, though some viewers felt that it could also be the tail of a cat (as the singer owns a few) or a dragon (because they seem to be all the rage right now).

When she scrubbed clean her social media platforms on Friday, it was the third anniversary of the multi-Grammy winner's 1989 album announcement and the release of its first single, "Shake It Off". The cryptic video also came at a time when it had been rumored that her sixth studio album would be due anytime soon. Since the video's release, Taylor's Instagram account has confirmed that her new single is due out imminently, and the album will be released on November 10, 2017.

In less than 24 hours, the intriguing video snippet garnered more than five million views on Instagram alone - and fans began to develop their own insane theories as to what the short clip means.

Taylor Swift Blots Out The Sun!

Grammy winner Joseph Kahn, who directed some of Swift's best music videos from the 1989 album (including “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood") was among the first to retweet the video, before adding that Swift had also planned a solar eclipse as part of her new album's marketing strategy.

As someone who has previously worked with Taylor, Kahn surely knows the true extent to her marketing abilities! Although the director was clearly joking, he wasn't the only one to make a connection between the natural phenomenon and Taylor's latest video. However, fans decided to look at Taylor's new clip with a more scientific approach.

Could Taylor's New Song Be Titled "Shadow Snake"?

Many fans were eager to clarify that the snake featured in Taylor's video could be a shadow snake, which is said to appear before and after a total solar eclipse.

According to TIME, thin and wavy shadow bands — sometimes called shadow snakes — have been known to appear on surfaces near the ground seconds before and after a total solar eclipse. If Taylor did indeed use the appearance of shadow snakes to make her personal imprint on the day, kudos to her marketing team!

That being said, it's hard to ignore 's previous relationship with the term "snake", as many fans were quick to point out.

Has Taylor Taken Kim Kardashian's Emojis And Turned Them Into Art?

Technically, Taylor Swift is a snake, people. According to the Lunar calendar, her birth year, 1989, is the Year of the Snake. Some fans, however, were more inclined to believe that it was the pop princess' way of hitting back at haters who have embraced the many "Taylor Swift is a snake" memes.

For the uninitiated, Swift has been linked to the reptile ever since Kim Kardashian tweeted a string of snake emojis during their high-profile Twitter feud last year. Hence, a sector of fans were impressed by Swift's take on the term, while using it to express herself.

This theory becomes all the more likely when you consider that her new album is titled Reputation, and each song is likely to address this subject matter in various ways.

Oh, And Taylor Is Now The New Mother Of Dragons!

Although it has been confirmed that the clip show's a snake's tail, some viewers thought it resembled a dragon's tale upon release, so Game of Thrones connections were inevitable.

Although fans made the link in jest, if her good friend Ed Sheeran snagged a cameo in the popular HBO series, why can't Lady Swift?

Regardless of the meaning behind this video, one thing is for certain: A new Taylor era is 'Swiftly' approaching. It seems the maverick is ready to come out of the woods and make a huge comeback by shedding all things old across her social media platforms and starting totally anew - a symbolic gesture that will surely tie in to her new album.

All we can say is: Welcome Back, Taylor!

What do you think is the real story behind Taylor Swift's mysterious video? Fill us in with a comment below!



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