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Takahide Hori devoted 4 years of his life to create this 30-minute long, independent stop-motion animation, titled Junk Head 1. He crafted it in his spare time, with a very low budget, entirely on his own.

It is obviously a passion project and what is even more interesting, it is not just an ordinary story, but a dystopian sci-fi. In Takahide Hori's future subterranean world, mankind figured out the long-coveted secret of immortality through gene manipulation. However, as a result, they became everlasting cyborgs who lost the ability to reproduce. The animator inhabited his dark, futuristic vision with bizarre creatures. The film follows a human sent to investigate the underground world of the strange people and grotesque monsters, all created by Takahide Hori's rich and inventive fantasy.

Take a look at this horrifying little tale, created by pure passion and dedication for animation:


The artist is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo to be able to create the sequel.

(source: Yamiken via The Awesomer and io9)

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