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Tino Jochimsen

Rumors are becoming more frequent that Kirsten Stewart may aim for another dog.

What’s the fuzz about you may ask: Let her get the dog and be done with it. Sure. But fact is Stewart already owns three barking compadres. Two of them doggies – Bernie and Bear - she shares with on-again boyfriend, . The most recent one, Bailey, visible in all his cutetitude in the image above, she has all to herself.

The newly rumored canine would follow in Baily’s steps and become a Stewart solo venture. Is the actress helping herself get over the separation from Rob, who is spending holidays with his family in England, with an army of scruffy dogs? Hollywood Life, the philosophic journal operating under the banner of gossip journalism, seems to think so, writing:

[...] it seems K-Stew is missing her man so much that she may need another pet pal to get her through this lonely time!

I couldn’t have put it in better words! (I really couldn’t: the damned dog is too distractingly cuty!)


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