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If was director Damien Chazelle's frantic and intense film centered on jazz, then is the total opposite. It's about two creative people, Sebastian () a struggling jazz musician, and Mia () a girl who wants to be seen on the big screen. They come together by chance, fall in love with each other and push one another to achieve their dreams. All of this is set in the bright lights of the city of Los Angeles.

even allows LA to become a subtle character throughout the movie as it becomes a hidden figure that secretly intertwines the characters as they pass through the traffic-filled streets and jazz-infused nightclubs. La La Land provides the viewer a colorful and dazzling aura that gives anyone the warm feeling of reaching for their dreams. According to The Hollywood Reporter's film critic Todd McCarthy,

"If you're going to fall hard for Damien Chazelle's daring and beautiful La La Land, it will probably be at first sight."

Indeed, many people have not only fallen in love with La La Land, but also the city of Los Angeles because of those sites. So, if you're planning to visit a few of the spots from the film the next time you're in LA, here's a quick tap dance around town.

Recently, the Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) announced the winners of its 4th Annual Location Managers Guild International Awards. La La Land took home the award in the category: Outstand Locations in A Contemporary Film. The honours went to the film's supervising location manager Robert Foulkes and location scout Steve Beimler at a ceremony at the Steven J. Ross Theater at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. “It’s the content that inspires us to find the locations to bring out what’s on [the writer’s page],” said Steve Beimler, accepting for La La Land.

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Griffith Observatory

This is where the most majestic scene of the movie takes place. Where both Sebastian and Mia fall head-over-heels for each other. They embrace each other and the viewer as they escort us into their fantasy-filled love.

Location Fun Facts:

  • It's located in Los Angeles' Griffith Park in Los Feliz.
  • Interactive features there include a Tesla coil and a "Camera Obscura", which uses mirrors and lenses to focus light onto a flat surface.
  • It was used in several of the movies, , and

The Light House Cafe

Sebastian takes Mia here to sway her opinion that jazz is simply "elevator music." Not to mention, it's place where we get so see Sebatian's friend Keith, played by .

Location Fun Facts:

  • It's located outside of LA in Hermosa Beach
  • The club began showcasing jazz music on May 29, 1949.
  • It's the home of the jazz group known as Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars.
  • Miles Davis and the Lighthouse All-Stars recorded there in 1953.

Hermosa Beach Pier

Many people are familiar with the Santa Monica Pier, but it looks like the Hermosa Beach Pier might be a new dating hot spot thanks to La La Land. This is the location where sings his solo number "City of Stars." (You can catch sample of the track in the trailer below.)

Location Fun Facts:

  • Hermosa Beach is bordered by Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach
  • Hermosa is a Spanish word meaning beautiful.
  • The TV show Summerland was partly filmed here.
  • Several famous actors have lived here including, , , , and #DylanOBrien

Angels Flight Funicular Railway

During the montage of scenes where we see watch Sebastian and Mia explore the city, one of the locations is the Angels Flight railway. Even though the railway has been shut down since 2013, the creative minds behind La La Land were able to get approval to have it run once again for this shot in the film.

Location Fun Facts:

  • It's located in the Bunker Hill district of Downtown L.A.
  • It has two funicular cars, Sinai and Olivet.
  • Angels Flight is featured in (2011) when 's character sings the Academy Award-winning song "Man or Muppet".

The Colorado Street Bridge

Here we watch Sebastian and Mia hold hands as they take a romantic stroll down the Colorado Street Bridge.

Location Fun Facts:

  • It's located in Pasadena, CA and spans the Arroyo Seco.
  • Known locally as Suicide Bridge because dozens of people have leaped to their death from this location.
  • An episode from the eighth season of the series Full House, "Leap of Faith" featured the bridge in a bungee jumping scene.

Which locations from La La Land were your favorite?

(Quote Source: The Hollwood Reporter)


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