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Matt Carter

Amazon has cut 14 prospective shows down to five with director of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, revealing that they will produce two comedies and three children's shows for its video streaming service.

According to CBC, the first comedy to make the grade is Alpha House which stars and is about "four senators who rent a house together in Washington." The second comedy to be green lit is Betas, which follows "four friends and the new mobile social networking app they are developing." Both comedies will receive 10-episode runs and will only be available to subscribers of Amazon Prime.

The new kids shows are Annebots, which "centers on a young scientist and her robot helpers", Creative Galaxy, an animated series, and Tumbleaf, which is aimed at preschoolers.

Amazon had originally commissioned pilots for 14 shows, including a TV version of Zombieland, but after studying the ratings, reviews and view counts, decided on the five listed above.

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