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After the seventh and final book was published, it was confirmed that J.K. Rowling’s series was over, done, finished, never to continue. However, for diehard fans, the stories could never be over. As fans tend to do, we've often come up with theories (myths that could actually be true) that we use to fill in certain plot holes in the stories and keep the dream alive.

There are hundreds of theories that fans have created, some of which are much more believable than others. These are the more out-there ones.

1. Harry Is A Walking 'Cancer'

Harry Potter, as we later find out, is an unintentional — meaning, he has part of Lord Voldemort’s evil soul inside him — and horcruxes, to put it simply, make people act in a way they normally wouldn’t. Harry’s Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are nice enough to take him in as a baby, but it seems the older Harry gets, the meaner his relatives become.

I don’t believe this to be a coincidence (I think this plot hole was left for us fans to figure out). The longer you have a horcrux around before destroying it, the more it affects you. We see this with Ron in The Deathly Hallows – Part 1. After wearing the locket for just one day, it drives him to such jealousy that he leaves Harry and Hermione in the middle of nowhere, hiding from the Dark Lord. If something like this could change Ron that much in just one day, imagine what the Dark Magic inside Harry could do to a family that has lived with him for years.

After pondering this thought, tumblr user graphicnerdity’s theory makes so much sense. It explains why the Dursleys get meaner throughout the movies, something I, as a fan, never quite understood. I just assumed they were always mean, yet they were nice enough to take him in as an orphan.

In the second Harry Potter film, The Chamber of Secrets, Ginny gets a hold of Tom Riddle’s diary and the Dark Magic in it drives her mad, almost to the point of death. Though we don’t know exactly how long she had it in her possession, we can obviously assume it was for a shorter period of time than Harry spent living with his relatives the Dursleys.

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2. Dumbledore Is Death

If you’ve seen the final Harry Potter movies, then you'll know the story of the three brothers and Death (otherwise known as the ). But what the movies didn’t tell you is that you can relate the three brothers and Death in the story to the characters we’ve all seen throughout the Harry Potter series.

Lord corresponds to the eldest brother, seeking power with the Elder Wand. Severus Snape is the second brother, desperately longing to be with his one true love Lily Potter. And Harry is the third and final brother, ready to accept death. However, there is one other character — and Death can be most related to Professor Albus , the only character before Harry to possess all three of the Hallows. He gives Harry the Cloak of Invisibility, then the resurrection stone, and finally is stripped of the Elder Wand prior to his departure from this life. Dumbledore is also the one responsible for the deaths of both Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort, and when Harry is killed by Voldemort, who is there to “greet him as an old friend”? None other than Albus Dumbledore.

The reason this fan theory is so interesting is because all of these characters relate to the Deathly Hallows story so accurately. Lord Voldemort has a need for power as the eldest brother did, but eventually the need for power caught up to him and he ended up losing it all.

Severus , like the second brother, is a difficult character to understand at times, but in the end it is revealed that everything he did, the reason he kept pushing on, was for his one true love, Harry’s mother.

Like the youngest brother, Harry was the smartest of the siblings and, after using the Cloak of Invisibility, passed it on to his son, who comes later in the story, before greeting Death (Dumbledore) as an old friend. After reading this theory and rewatching the movie, I had a totally different perspective than I had the other hundred or so times I’d seen it. You’ll never watch the movie the same way again.

3. Draco Malfoy Is A Werewolf

Draco being a werewolf is definitely one of the more peculiar theories, and I must say whoever came up with this one had to have made some real leaps of logic. Throughout all of the movies, it is implied that is a Death Eater, but we never actually see the dark mark on his arm that would signify this. In fact, we never see anything proving Draco to be a Death Eater.

However, he is said to have “something on his arm” in the sixth film The Half-Blood Prince, at Borgin and Burkes antique shop. When fans realized this “something” didn’t have to be the dark mark signifying Draco as a , they went nuts trying to find evidence pointing to something else, and this is what they came up with: The “something” on his arm could very well be a werewolf bite, which would explain why Draco brings up the name Fenrir Greyback, one of Voldemort’s followers who happens to be a werewolf, the same night he revealed that “something on his arm.”

Perhaps the only explanation for how Draco was bit by a werewolf is that Lord Voldemort needed someone to punish for ’s mistakes (like how he is the reason Tom Riddle’s diary, and for part of Voldemort’s soul being destroyed in The Chamber of Secrets). His punishment is that Fenrir bites Draco, turning him into a werewolf. The final evidence that could suggest Draco to be a werewolf is when his mother Narcissa turns on Voldemort at the last second, saying Harry is dead when he is actually still alive). A pure-blood mother wouldn’t need to turn on the Dark Lord if her son was also a pure-blood.

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There is no evidence throughout the movies to suggest Draco is a Death Eater. This lack of evidence makes for a perfect plot hole for fans. With the right inferences, this werewolf theory would explain so much throughout all of the movies. Draco strikes me as the type of character that doesn’t want to be bad or follow the Dark Lord, but he either feels inclined to because of his parents, or he physically has to — perhaps because of a bite he's been cursed with. In the case of the Malfoy family, I believe they only stuck with Voldemort while they needed to and as soon as they saw a way out, they took it.

4. The Reason Harry’s Hogwarts Class Is So Small

During a fan chat back in 2000, Rowling told fans that “there are about a thousand students at Hogwarts.” If you do the math, that means there should be about 35 students in each house each year, so why are there only 10 in Harry’s class of 1998?

This plot hole needed to be filled, and user maraunders4evr came up with a theory that might be a perfect fit. The theory suggests that the reason there are only 10 Gryffindors in Harry's graduating year is because the time those kids would have been conceived was around 1979–1981, when Voldemort had the most power. And no one wanted to bring a child into a world with such evil. Not to mention that many adults were killed by Lord Voldemort and his followers, leaving significantly fewer people capable of reproducing, while others went off to join the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organization founded by Dumbledore to fight against Voldemort and his followers.

Most casual viewers probably wouldn’t have even noticed this plot hole, but don’t miss a single detail. Tumblr user maraunfers4evr’s “baby drought” theory is based purely on facts from and a little bit of calculation. I know that if I were an adult at the time Voldemort was in power, I would not want to be bringing a child into a wizarding world filled with dark magic.

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Neville's Wand Was Why He Was A Bad Wizard

spent his first few years at Hogwarts doing so terribly with spells, but we never knew why. The answer is in this theory. He was using the wrong wand the whole time. Wands, as we are told, choose the wizard that they believe will sufficiently be their master for the remainder of their wizarding life. Whatever wand you get is yours, and you'll never have another one.

However, some wizards don't get to have the experience of letting the wand choose them, they simply get one handed down to them (like Ron Weasley). This is what happened in Neville's case as well. Neville used his father's old wand that was no longer being used, which might explain why the wand never performed to its best ability with Neville as its master.

I don't know who thought of this theory, but it makes a good point. If you are using a wand that isn't meant for you, then it will never serve you to the best of its ability. Take the in the final movie, for example. Voldemort has the Elder Wand, but it is not serving him to the best of its ability because it belonged to Dumbledore — until, that is, Draco disarmed him on top of the astronomy tower, after which point the wand answered to Draco. If Neville would have had the chance to let a wand choose him, I believe he would have been a great wizard who didn't screw up quite as much.

Though there are hundreds of fan theories, of the five I have chosen, I don't believe any of them to be impossible. They all have elements that make so much sense. It's difficult not to believe some of them are true, but do you? Theories in the comments section below!


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