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Recently, Uwe Boll announced his retirement from filmmaking due to financial issues. With one of cinema's most infamous names bowing out of the game, the world of filmmaking just lost a major guilty pleasure as film critics lost one of their go-to punching bags.

At best, the German-born filmmaker is seen as a modern day B-Movie director. For most, Boll is considered to be one of the worst directors to ever step behind a camera. In honor of the director's unmistakable legacy, here are the five most defining moments of director Uwe Boll.

5. When Boll Was (Sort Of) Good

B-grade art
B-grade art

Believe it or not, Uwe Boll actually made some decent movies. Movies like the account of the Darfur Genocide Darfur and the revenge fantasy of the Rampage movies may not be great, but they were competent and somewhat entertaining when compared to the video game based abominations that have come to define his career.

Truth be told, Boll is an exploitation movie director who thinks he's making Oscar worthy films, and his Holocaust movie Auschwitz is good proof of this. While he thought Auschwitz would top Schindler's List, the reality is that he made a World War 2 themed torture porn. This strange mindset is what makes him an eccentric and entertaining oddity in the world of filmmaking, and it was also what could have led to his meltdowns that will be elaborated on later.

4. Death To Video Game Movies

Why video game movies suck
Why video game movies suck

Despite having decent budgets and hiring well-known actors including Christian Slater, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham, Boll turned some of the most beloved cult games into some of the most unwatchable movies imaginable. Case in point, his adaptations all have an abysmal single digit score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not only were movies like Bloodrayne or Far Cry poor translations of their source materials, but they were also the best examples of how not to make a movie. To make things worse, these movies were cynical cash grabs Boll used to take advantage of a loophole in the German tax code, meaning he made a profit even if his films flopped. Germany has since reworked this error as a response to the backlash against Boll's admittance to manipulating tax laws.

Just remember that Boll wanted to turn this into a movie
Just remember that Boll wanted to turn this into a movie

It should be noted that Boll actually wanted to adapt popular games such as Hitman, Metal Gear Solid and Warcraft. Given his reputation, the game creators' hostile refusal to let Boll even consider touching their licenses was understandable.

3. Raging Boll

'Violent reactions' are an understatement
'Violent reactions' are an understatement

Everyone reacts to criticism differently, but Boll stands out for challenging critics to an actual fistfight. To be more specific, Boll fought five of his detractors including a writer from Ain't It Cool News and an amateur boxing critic in a boxing event dubbed "Raging Boll." The footage from the fights was added as a bonus feature in the DVD release of Postal.

Boll won all five fights, but the circumstances behind them were dubious at best. The critics he faced claimed that Boll never game them their promised pre-fight training, saying the director picked his opponents to guarantee himself victory. This was made apparent when he skipped a promised televised fight for Attack The Show! after finding out that Rest Of The Crap writer and prominent Boll critic Seanbaby, who is trained in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, answered the challenge from the director.

2. Uwe Boll: Unrecognized Genius

During a publicity stunt for his film adaptation of the equally controversial video game Postal, Uwe Boll proclaimed that he was the only genius working in Hollywood by calling directors Michael Bay and Eli Roth "fucking retards." He then promised that Postal would be better than "all that social-critic George Clooney bullshit that you get every fucking weekend."

Clooney and Roth ignored Boll, but Bay fired back with equally fiery comments of his own. Boll then challenged Bay and Roth to a boxing match in Las Vegas, to which both declined. This was not the first time Boll railed against the establishment, as seen in his video response (above) to the failure of his Kickstarter campaigns. In the infamous racially charged rant, Boll claimed that rich people were conspiring against his artistic genius and that the Hollywood elite was just sucking stupid peoples' money, as evidenced by Marvel movies.

1. Uwe V Everyone

Because of what his movies did to certain beloved video games, fans started online petitions to stop him from making films. Boll's response to this was to start a weak pro-Uwe Boll signature campaign before he lashed out at the general viewing public who refused to watch his movies or fund them via Kickstarter.

When his Kickstarter campaign for Postal 2 and Rampage 3 failed, Boll told everyone who enjoyed Marvel movies to "fuck yourself" for not funding his next work of art, as seen in the video above. In the video, Boll blamed those who refused to fund his movies and Kickstarter itself for killing the essence of crowdfunding. Though the third Rampage movie Rampage: President Down finally became a reality, Boll's rant against the general viewing public only earned him more infamy.

Uwe Boll on set
Uwe Boll on set

Boll joins the likes of The Room creator Tommy Wiseau as a director whose works are known to give audiences a good time for the wrong reasons. When it comes to movies that are "so bad it's good," Boll's works are sure to pop up on the top of lists tallying the best of the worst. His retirement may mark the loss of one of the 2000's best sources of unintentional humor, but his silly movies will (sadly) stay with us longer than necessary.

At the least, Uwe Boll owns a successful restaurant in Vancouver. Even if he left filmmaking behind, he may have found his true calling in the world of fine dining.


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