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On an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last week, Black Swan-star Natalie Portman told him that she refuses to let her five year old son watch the Star Wars prequels. This is not due to their interminable discussions of intergalactic treaties and the presence of Jar-Jar Binks but rather that (spoiler alert) her character Padmé Amidala dies at the end of Revenge of The Sith. She reasons that as her son is so young, he would not be able to tell the difference between a character dying and his mother dying. Check out the video below:

Fair enough, Mrs Portman. Presumably she will wait until her son is much older until he is allowed to learn why Anakin Skywalker really really hates sand. But these comments got me thinking: what other films should be off limits to actors' children, even when they are of a mature age? Here are five films that actors shouldn't show their kids under any circumstances.

1. Mark Wahlberg - Boogie Nights

You know what's really gross? Imagining your parents doing it. You know what's even more gross? Watching your dad play a porn star. Mark Wahlberg puts in an iconic performance as Dirk Diggler, a world-renowned adult actor during the Golden Age of Pornography, yet for any child of his watching, I think it would really make them sick - especially in that final scene.

2. Anthony Hopkins - Silence of The Lambs

We like to believe our parents are inherently good people, and that they have peoples best interests at heart. One couldn't help think however, that for any child watching their dad playing a psychopathic cannibal, that there might be something quite wrong with him after all. One of the finest villains in film, Hopkins seems perfectly at ease in his role, making family dinner all that more of a horrendous ordeal.

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3. Mo’Nique - Precious

As far as bad mothers go, Mo'Nique's Mary in Precious is pretty damn awful. The chain-smoking, overweight, lazy-as-hell mother seemingly has so little going on in her own life, that she spends the majority of her time berating her sexually abused daughter. She was so convincing in this role that she won an Oscar. To see your own mother act so terribly as a mother would be extremely traumatic for any child to see.

4. Monica Bellucci - Irreversible

I probably could have picked any lead in any Gasper Noé film, a director who loves to revel in the high extremities of sex and violence, yet the fate that befalls Monica Bellucci in Irreversible is so dark that it takes a steely resolve for anyone to watch. To watch what cruel fate awaits Bellucci's character in this extremely dark French thriller would be way too much for any child to bear.

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5. Ralph Fiennes - Schindler's List

Imagine your father was a Nazi - but not just any Nazi - one of the absolute worst ones, one that likes to chill on balconies and shoot people for basically no reason, somebody who likes to revel in their own base and heinous cruelty. Isn't it a truly horrifying thought? At least for the time being Fiennes doesn't have any children with whom to torture with his truly evil role.

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