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Game Of Thrones has been at the top of its game since returning to screens a couple of weeks ago. Since Season 7 began, the HBO fantasy drama has seen some major storyline developments, including Daenerys' arrival in Westeros, Arya's disposal of the entire Frey clan, and Euron Greyjoy's horrific attack on Yara's fleet.

Tonight we returned to Westeros for the third installment of Season 7 and, much like the previous two episodes, the action was non-stop. Not only did Cersei meet with Ellaria Sand, the woman who murdered her daughter Myrcella, but Jon Snow arrived in Dragonstone and met with Daenerys. Before we look ahead at what's to come in future episodes, let's reflect on tonight's episode by taking a look at the 5 biggest moments. Note: this post contains heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3.

1. Daenerys And Jon Finally Meet

Whether you've been watching Game Of Thrones since the beginning or are relatively new to the fantasy drama, you've definitely heard of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Without a doubt, these two are Game of Thrones' biggest and most beloved characters, so it's pretty hard to believe that the Mother of Dragons has never actually been in the same room as the King in the North. However, that all changed during Sunday night's episode.

As we'd seen in the previous episode, Jon left Winterfell to ride for Dragonstone after being summoned by Daenerys. In addition to obeying her summons, the former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch had his own reasons to visit the Mother of Dragons: he needed dragonglass (which is available in bulk on Dragonstone) and dragon fire, both of which Daenerys possesses. As Jon arrived in Dragonstone, he was invited to enter the throne room. Accompanied by Missandei, Varys and his old buddy Tyrion, Jon entered to find Daenerys sitting upon her dragonglass throne. Goosebump-inducing doesn't even begin to describe how amazing this moment was. Things didn't go quite so smoothly when the pair started talking and Jon refused to bend the knee, which set us up for a very interesting episode.

2. Euron Delivers His Gift

After the battle last week, Euron Greyjoy paraded his captives around for all of the people in King's Landing to see. He rode on horseback straight into the throne room and delivered Ellaria Sand and her last remaining daughter to Cersei, as the crowd erupted with cheers. Once in the throne room, Ellaria spat at Cersei's feet as the Queen looked on with an evil grin. Cersei then told Euron that he deserves to be rewarded for his gift and promised the Ironborn leader he would get what his heart desires when the war is won.

After taking her gifts, Cersei had both Ellaria and her daughter put in chains. While the Queen discussed the many sadistic torture methods she had in mind for Ellaria, she opted against all of them and went for one of Ellaria's own methods: poison by kiss. Cersei kissed Ellaria's Sand Snake daughter (much like Ellaria did to Cersei's daughter Myrcella a few seasons ago) and told Ellaria that she will live and watch her daughter die and decay. That's cold, even for Cersei.

3. Daenerys And Jon Come To An Agreement

After an entire episode of disagreeing on who was bowing to who and what they should be fighting over, Tyrion spoke to both Jon and Daenerys. The Hand of the Queen managed to convince Daenerys that after losing both the Greyjoy fleet and the Dornish fleet, she will need to build new alliances, so in an attempt to make peace, she should give Jon what he desires.

Later, Jon approached Daenerys at the top of her castle in an effort to make amends. Daenerys told him that he and his men had permission to mine the dragonglass and that she would supply him with any further assistance. Jon, clearly taken aback, realized that Daenerys isn't like her father at all and thanked the Mother of Dragons. I don't know about you, but I think a beautiful friendship is forming.

4. Bran Returns Home To Winterfell

As Sansa took charge of Winterfell in Jon's absence, it became quite clear that this Stark daughter has quite a knack for leadership. However, after a few moments of discussing how Winterfell could prepare to keep the entirety of the North fed if they sought shelter there, the Wardeness of the North was summoned to the gate about an unexpected arrival. After last week's episode, most of us were sure that Arya would turn up at Winterfell this week. But — shocker — it turned out to be Bran! Much like the hug she shared with Jon back in Season 6, Sansa gave Bran a warm embrace. It was a very heartwarming and not at all expected moment.

5. Lady Olenna's Farewell

In a shocking twist, the majority of the Lannister men were not at Casterly Rock when Greyworm and the Unsullied stormed the castle. Instead, Jaime led the men to Highgarden where they attacked the Tyrell army. After a Lannister victory, Jaime marched to the top of the castle to finish off the Tyrell dynasty by taking out the woman at the top: Lady Olenna. Olenna wasted no time in telling Jaime exactly what she thought of Cersei, calling her a "disease" and warning the Lannister soldier that Cersei would be his downfall.

Jaime had managed to convinced Cersei to give Olenna a pain-free death and provided the dame with a dose of poison. Upon learning that it would be swift and pain-free, Olenna downed the poison and revealed to the Kingslayer that she was the one who murdered Joffrey. An enraged Jaime left the old woman to die alone. Olenna may have lost the battle, but this revelation was a victory over Cersei. Much like she lived, she went out in style! We'll miss you Lady Olenna.

We're almost half way through Game Of Thrones's shortened seventh season and things are really beginning to heat up. Now that Daenerys and Jon have finally met, the pair could become the saving grace that the Seven Kingdoms so desperately needs when the army of the undead arrive. Only time will tell, but with only four episodes left of Season 7, there's not an awful lot of time left.

What was your favourite moment from the latest Game Of Thrones episode? Tell us in the comment section below.


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