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went head-to-head with the Academy Awards last night. Though many of us watched the Oscars' best moments unfold in real time, The Walking Dead still offered another great episode to watch very early in the morning. While it was not as amazing as the past two episodes, it was still more intriguing than most of the episodes featured in the first half of the season.

Let's take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping moments from this week's episode.

5. Why Hasn't Alexandria Tried To Rescue Eugene From The Saviors?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Eugene was taken as a prisoner in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, and while Rosita looked concerned in the moment, no one has cared to bring it up since his capturing. It's almost like they were more concerned with everything else (granted, a lot is going on) and ignoring the fact that Eugene was taken because, well, it's Eugene.

Even the actor who portrays Eugene, Josh McDermitt, has voiced his opinion on this issue when he spoke with Vanity Fair this week. McDermitt said:

“I was pissed!” McDermitt said with a laugh, speaking about Eugene’s abandonment. “I was pissed off, man. That should be the lead-in on the sales pitch,” McDermitt said. “Like, ‘They took Eugene, for crying out loud; help us fight this guy!’ But instead, they’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, Eugene, yeah, whatever. There’s a tiger here I’m more interested in at this moment.’ ”

To be fair, it wouldn't be easy for Rick and his crew to wander into the Savior's base and rescue Eugene, but they should have at least talked or even mentioned the loss of Eugene from the camp and that his absence motivates them to move forward. Alas, no one cares about poor Eugene.

4. Is Negan About To Raid The Hilltop?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

One of the best moments from this week's episode was when Negan chucked Doctor Carson into an oven. After the brutal death, Negan told everyone to calm down because they have another Doctor Carson. This could be referring to Doctor Carson's brother, Harlan Carson, who lives at the Hilltop. Does this mean that Negan knows about Harlan and his duty as a doctor at the Hilltop community? Now that they are short one doctor, Negan could raid the Hilltop and take the other doctor. He could make a scene similar to the one at Alexandria in the mid-season finale and it would be awesome to see. Maybe he'll kill Gregory!

3. Where Did Sherry Go?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Sherry left a depressing note for Dwight that was pretty heartbreaking to watch unfold. She couldn't handle living in the Saviors compound and decided to let Daryl go and ran away to go live on her own. The episode left her location as a cliffhanger that most likely won't be answered for a while, similar to Heath's disappearance earlier this season.

Many people are wondering where Sherry is, and truthfully, we probably don't need to figure it out. If Sherry isn't capable of existing as a Savior, she definitely won't make it alone in the apocalypse. We tend to forget sometimes that this is still the zombie apocalypse and that outside of the few small communities, it is very difficult to survive on your own. Sherry's death on her own would symbolize her death from the Saviors compound and Dwight's life. Don't expect to see any more of Sherry.

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2. Is Dwight About To Snap?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

We've been waiting for this and looks like it's about to happen: Dwight is at his tipping point. He's a pot about to boil. His wife has disappeared and has practically signed her death waiver; Negan is really grinding his gears more than ever; and he was punished for a crime he wasn't even part of.

Dwight is about to rebel against the villainous Negan and the only reason he hasn't done so yet is because the opportunity hasn't arisen. When Alexandria attacks the Saviors, Dwight should finally drink the coffee and join the rebellion. It is difficult to watch Dwighty-boy getting pushed around for all this time and it's time for him to get his way for once.

1. Has Eugene Officially Become A Savior?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

By the end of the episode, it appears that Eugene the coward has officially turned over to the dark side. The main question that was on everyone's head is if Eugene has actually become a Savior. There are three possible scenarios that could play out. The first scenario would have Eugene legit become a loyal follower of Negan's and it would be hard for Team Rick to convince him to come back.

The other two more likely scenarios either have Eugene playing Negan at his own game or that he is simply listening to him out of plain fear. Personally, I believe many of Eugene's actions are done out of fear, but he is still the smartest person on the show and has a definite end plan. Also, if it was one of the other two scenarios, there would be no purpose of having a character arc for Eugene as he will have to break out of his comfort zone and rise against Negan.

No matter what, Eugene's fate is up in the air. Actor Josh McDermitt and the rest of the cast is unsure about Eugene's future on the show. In an interview with EW, Josh revealed he doesn't know nor does he want to:

"I don’t know. McDermitt said. "I have ideas, but I’m not going to share those. These are secrets that I need to keep as an actor. Because everyone was asking me, even on set, they’re like, 'WHOA!' Andrew Lincoln said it was one of his favorite episodes of the series. He would call me or text me just about every day. He’s like Really, seriously, what’s up? Has Eugene crossed over?' I told him I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I even told [showrunner] Scott Gimple, 'Don’t tell me, because if I know then I’m going to start playing that kind of direction and I don’t want to.'"


What question are you most curious about?

What answers do you have to these questions? Did you like the episode? Tell me below!


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