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What's that you were just saying? You're tired of watching the same holiday movies, year after year? What a coincidence, me too - sort of. As much as I never really tire of watching my favorite horror classics, especially those during the long holiday season, I'm always on the hunt for something new and/or wonderfully unusual and something tells me that if you are reading this, than you are too. Whether it be zombies or crazed killers, terrifying or hilarious these five flicks have something to offer for everyone.

Check out these five Christmas themed horror movies you probably missed:

1. Silent Night, Zombie Night

There really is no better way to kick off your killer Christmas queue list than with action and zombies - let's face it. Sure there is no shortage on zombie movies out there but why would there be when us fans never bore of the living dead or watching them eat your brains and guts. Probably the most action packed and upbeat film on this list, Silent Night, Zombie Night is fast, fun and stars iconic scream queen Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), it's worth the watch.


Another hit horror from experts at Wild Eye Releasing, SECRET SANTA is a much needed throwback to the slasher and splatter movies of the 70s and 80s in all the right ways. If you love watching classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night or Black Xmas, then this is the perfect film to warm your cold little heart this holiday season. Enjoy!

3. Sint (Saint)

Sint, or Saint, is a 2010 Dutch horror film from Dick Maas that seethes dark humor and originality. If you liked Krampus - even if just a little - then this is another film for you. The comedy and horror elements in this film are a bit more somber than Krampus though, making Sint probably somewhat less of a family movie. You're welcome.

4. Santa Claus: Serial Rapist

Certainly a ridiculous favorite of mine, this outlandish masterpiece is loaded with a similar eccentricity as Bam Margera's 2003 indie comedy Haggard, but with all the elements of horror and an originality all its own - making me an insta-fan of course. Santa Claus: Serial Rapist is packed with humor that is witty and raunchy as all hell, some fiercely sexy and sassy ladies and of course a whole lot of what-the-fuck moments that were happily welcome. A new kind of holiday classic, you need to check out Bill Zebub's rockin' holiday special, Santa Claus: Serial Rapist.

5. A Cadaver Christmas

Absolutely quirky and with qualities reminiscent of film noir, A Cadaver Christmas really is an overlooked horror comedy treat. Although this film did not make much of a stir upon its 2011 release it quickly became a cult favorite among fans. Especially those of us who truly enjoy the art of small production films, timepieces and zombies.

Have a happy and safe holiday season and remember, it's not just the Krampus you have to look out for, kiddos.


Which one of these crazy Christmas movies looks like it's the most bizarre?


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