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Marvel fans have already seen super soldiers and thunder gods battle on the big screen, and now it's only fitting that the royal Inhumans family is given the regal welcome it deserves, too.

Shot using IMAX cameras, Marvel's Inhumans will enjoy a theatrical run on IMAX screens beginning September 1, before heading over to its primary broadcast home, ABC, on September 29. Sure, it will be great to relive the best moments from the first two episodes once again when they reach TV, but why wait that long when you can catch them in cinemas? In case you need more persuading, here are five moments from Marvel's Inhumans that deserve a royal viewing on IMAX screens.

1. The Debut Of Attilan In The MCU

The Avengers HQ is rather impressive, but that pales in comparison to the city of Attilan, where the Inhumans reside. Located in the blue area of the moon, this technological wonder is one of Marvel's most memorable locales, full of towering architecture befitting a royal family. The live-action debut of Attilan deserves to be seen on the big screen, so that fans can truly appreciate the grandeur of the city while staying on the lookout for Marvel easter eggs, including the meaning behind the Ancient Kree symbols.

2. Karnak Brings The Pain

As Black Bolt's cousin and closest adviser, Karnak is a vital member of the Inhumans royal family, one who defends the city of Attilan using a rather unique skill. Able to see the fault in all things, Karnak can sense the weaknesses of any given strategy and adjust his plan of attack accordingly. In the comics, this ability has largely been depicted as an internal power, but the Inhumans TV show will portray this by literally drawing out Karnak's thoughts onscreen. To see this extraordinary effect on the small screen would weaken your experience watching the show and you don't need to be Karnak to know that.

3. Play Spot The Alien

Members of the Royal Family aren't the only stars of Marvel's Inhumans. Director Roel Reiné explained to us that various members of the caste system will also appear throughout the first season and that any physical abnormalities they possess have been designed with a specific purpose in mind. To truly appreciate the intricacy of these characters and their unusual gifts, IMAX is the only way to go.

4. Medusa's Hair-Raising Debut

Inhumans [Credit: ABC/Marvel Studios]
Inhumans [Credit: ABC/Marvel Studios]

The Inhumans are gifted with a vast range of enhancements, including everything from gills to hoofed feet, but the one that fans are most excited to see on screen is Medusa's prehensile hair. Just like in the comics, the Queen's hair will act like an extra limb, reacting to Medusa's current emotional state and serving to express her power. CGI has been used to augment the wig that actress Serinda Swan wore on set, defining each individual hair with detail that's impossible to see in full without a trip to the IMAX.

5. Lockjaw!

There's a lot to love about Lockjaw. Sure, the adorable mascot is probably a nightmare to take on walks, and cleaning up after him won't be pretty either, but it's clear that the over-sized dog will quickly become a favorite among fans who watch the show's first season.

As this will be Lockjaw's live-action debut, director Roel Reiné was given freedom to explore how the creature's teleportation abilities would be portrayed on screen, explaining to us:

"In the comics, it's never described how the teleportation worked, so I remember pitching to Marvel my version of it. I wanted to stay away from force fields or light flashes or 'Star Trekky' things. I pitched them a version where it would be very natural...where the dog would vaporise into sand and dust, dissolve to one side with the person he is teleporting and then return from the other side... I wanted to make it a very organic version of teleportation, because he is a dog."

Where better to see these special effects than in IMAX?

Combining the elongated story arc and intricate development of a TV show with stunning visuals shot for IMAX, Marvel's Inhumans is the future of superhero adaptations. You'd have to be lost in a cloud of Terrigen mist not to see that.

Don't miss Inhumans in IMAX September 1! Check out the full season when it heads to ABC on September 29.


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