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and made Kickstarter history. Their crowd-source funding campaign to make a Veronica Mars movie happen was so successful that it just raised $5.7 million. Finally, fans will get what they payed for: A feature length Veronica Mars flick.

While I personally don’t really care that much for Veronica Mars, (the adorable notwithstanding), there certainly are some 'impossible' projects I’d like to see funded over Kickstarter.

My top five choices are either sequels to financially unsuccessful movies, but have garnered cult status, or movie sequels to canceled TV shows in the vein of Mrs. Mars' show.

5. Dredd

Even in the realm of the improbable, Dredd 2 would be somewhat of a stretch. On an already relatively modest budget of $50 million the comic book adaptation only managed to gross a pitiful $35 million worldwide (although the home video intake is apparently considerable). This is quite sad as Dredd was a concise and genre-lifting effort (kudos for for his superior chin acting)which knew exactly what it wanted to be. Tragically, the public didn’t care for that. Likewise, we already know Dredd 2 is not happening, so let's let the fans have their say.

4. Deadwood movie

Although neither the second nor the third season of the foul-mouthed western series reached those early first season heights, I would definitely chip in a couple of dollars to see Al Swearengen () give some poor sucker an unholy rant on the big screen. Creator David Milch talked for some time about a Deadwood movie, but has since lost hope. I haven't. I'm going to hold the flame, in my aching, Deadwood heart.

3. Rome movie

While Rome might not have been the best TV Show in the universe, it was violent, sophisticated fun with nudity on the level of your average Game of Thrones episode. In other words, it was exactly my kind of history lesson. It also offered production value, normally associated with historical epics and a muscular, charismatic performance, which is why a Rome movie would be a such great thing. Unfortunately, the series was not renewed for being far too expensive. A movie wouldn't be exactly be cheap, but they don't have to be. Throw money at this thing; it's much deserved.

2. MacGruber 2

MacGruber, in its glorious stupidity, was the funniest movie since Anchorman, at least for my silly taste. It's performance at the boxoffice however can only be described as terribly sad. It grossed $8 million domestically on an extremely modest budget of $10 million. I won't talk about worldwide grosses because there basically are no worldwide grosses. MacGruber’s 'virtues' seem to be quintessentially American.

Now, the good thing is a sequel wouldn‘t be super-expensive and $10 million budget actually seems merely unlikely instead of unreachable. I am sure that I speak for MacGruber if I say: He would [blank] your [blank] for some money. Don’t kill me, concerned mothers!

1. Hellboy 3

The movie gods must be crazy! delivered not only one, but two awesome superhero movies which nobody wanted to see. Well, not enough people anyway. Hellboy and especially Hellboy: Golden Army were charming, wild and exciting escapist fun.

Alas, they disappointed at the box office, becoming (very) modest monetary successes internationally. But del Toro, iconoclast that he is, won't make a third part for anything less than $100 million which, quite understandably, no studio is willing to give him (Hellboy: The Golden Army made $160 worldwide). The director jokingly stated that Hellboy 3 is probably dead 'unless we find a way to do the mother of all kick starters.' To which I say, bring it on!

What would be the kickstarter campaign of your dreams?


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