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and used New York Comic-Con to drop a brand new, brief but tantalizing trailer for Iron Fist over the weekend. It's short, but it still contains a few noteworthy shout-outs, references and Easter Eggs to Marvel Comics and the Marvelverse on Netflix. Check out the five that jumped out below.

1. Heroes For Hire

Jessica Henwick (one of Game of Thrones' Sand Snakes, but don't hold that against her) appears briefly in the trailer as Colleen Wing, who traditionally has been one of Marvel Comics' heroes for hire, alongside the likes of Misty Knight, Luke Cage and, yep, Iron Fist.

There's no word yet of the Heroes for Hire actually assembling, but given that so many of them exist in this universe, it's surely only a matter of time...

2. True Joy

In the Iron Fist comics, Joy Meachum was vengeful daughter of Harold, whose ambition to take over Rand-Meachum Enterprises was thwarted by Danny himself, the absent heir. The not-coincidental appearance of Joy (played by Jessica Stroup) in the trailer as Danny is warned of "forces gathering against you, disguised as a friend," suggests that the enmity between Joy and Danny will carry over from the comics, although her true intentions could remain hidden for a while.

The series has taken some liberties with the Meachum family, though. Ward Meachum, Joy's uncle in the comics, is now her brother, while their father Harold is very much alive (in the comics Danny is a suspect in his death). Expect the dynamic between Joy and Danny to tense and twisty when Iron Fist arrives.

3. Gao Away, Danny

"They are everywhere," says the same voice who warns of those enemy "forces" as we glimpse the formidable Madame Gao, Hell's Kitchen's premier drug trafficker.

Fuck with this lady at your peril. (Netflix)
Fuck with this lady at your peril. (Netflix)

What's Madame Gao's beef with Iron Fist? Right now it's unclear, but as various people discovered in Daredevil, this elderly mafiosi is not somebody you want to cross. Claire Temple aside, Luke Cage was somewhat lacking in connections with the other Marvelverse shows, so this is a very welcome development.

4. Flashbacks to K'un-Lun

So far, the Netflix series have remained rooted firmly in the same few blocks of NYC — the rather anonymous Hell's Kitchen and the more distinctive neighborhood of Harlem — and origin stories have generally not been given much screentime (Daredevil aside).

By contrast, it seems as though Iron Fist will embrace Danny's origins in a big way. For the first time in this universe, we leave New York and travel to the snow-drenched mountains above the mythical city of K'un-Lun, where Wendell Rand and his wife Heather are murdered by Harold Meachum.

Take us to K'un-Lun! (
Take us to K'un-Lun! (

Traveling to the place where Danny gained his Chi further highlights the similarities between this show and Doctor Strange — will one pay homage to the other with a cheeky Easter Egg?

5. Another Fight, Another Hall

The Daredevil hallway fight still ranks as possibly the best fight scene from across the Netflix Marvelverse (bettered perhaps only by the fight between Kilgrave, Jessica Jones and a roid-ragey Trish), and it seems to have become customary to include a similar hallway showdown in each series.

On that front, Iron Fist does not disappoint, and the sight of Danny taking down a henchman armed with an axe is quite the thrill.

Witness the first coming-together of Marvel's Defenders live on-stage at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, along with new addition Sigourney Weaver. Her villainous character is an unknown quantity right now but she's pretty much guaranteed to be the bad bitch to end all bad bitches. I'm stoked.

Iron Fist drops March 17 2016.

Did you spot any other nods, homages or comic-specific Easter Eggs in Netflix's Ironfist trailer? Share in the comments if so!


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