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Although it's set in the real world, Marvel's universe is clearly a work of fiction. From enhanced beings and mutants, to alien and interdimensional heroes and villains, despite its familiar backdrop, the link between our world and our heroes' is a tenuous one.

Be that as it may, the is filled with characters who are dealing with very real, relatable problems on the day-to-day — problems that many people in the world are facing right now. From mental health issues to physical ailments, here are five fictional heroes facing very real problems.

1. Hulk — Anger Management Issues

Every Marvel fan knows the simple story of that infamous rage monster Hulk. A brilliant scientist caught in a gamma radiation explosion, 's entire character is completely based upon his anger problem.

's intermittent explosive disorder, also known as anger management disorder, involves sudden episodes of aggressiveness, anger and violent behavior. In Hulk's case, the angrier he gets, the stronger he grows, which has caused disastrous events to unfold, such as in World War Hulk.

According to, one in 10 people admits to difficulty in controlling their anger, which means Bruce Banner is far from alone when it comes to his anger issues.

2. Iron Man — Substance Abuse

Throughout his 55-year run, has been plagued by alcoholism. Substance abuse is something that many a comic book character have faced, but has been particularly explored through . According to, one is 12 adults suffers from alcohol misuse or dependency.

Tony's severe alcohol dependency has caused many of his problems on the pages of the comic books, and was even a major plot point in Iron Man 2. Check it out below.

3. Deadpool— Schizophrenia

The popular is an absurd character who surged in popularity following the 2016 solo movie. However, while the film fully fleshed out his exaggerated violence, inappropriate behavior, and of course his habit of breaking the fourth wall, it didn't touch on his possible schizophrenia, a mental disorder which can cause the sufferer to lose partial or all connection with the world.

According to, a little over 1 percent of the population, or around 51 million people, struggles with schizophrenia, which might cause them to hear voices in their head, hallucinate or interact with beings that are not there.

This has been a big part of Deadpool's character over the years, as he is known to hear multiple voices — marked in different colors in the comics — inside his head.

4. Daredevil — Blindness

has increased in popularity since his Netflix show began airing, and even the newer fans are aware of Matt Murdock's everyday struggle with vision impairment.

Matt lost his sight following an accident involving a radioactive substance. While this allowed him to train his other senses to superhuman levels, most people who are vision impaired in real life are not as fortunate.

According to, more than 39 million people are blind, while over 246 million have some sort of vision disorder.

5. X-Men — Racism

One of the most beloved and powerful teams in all of comics, the have faced the same societal problem from their very first appearance back in 1963. It's perhaps the most widespread, dominant, controversial problem facing the world to this today: racism.

The mutant race has been suffering from extreme discrimination courtesy of their human peers, similarly to how real-world ethnicities and minorities have faced drastic, threatening events. This discrimination was typified in Days of Future Past, where humanity tried to rid the world of mutants, once and for all.

While some might counter that this fictional extermination attempt was for security purposes, the discrimination the mutants could never be truly justified, much like many incidences of racism in the modern world.

Which superhero do you relate to the most and why? Tell us in the comments below.

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