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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Last year saw the 20th Anniversary of Free Willy, and we looked at the sad true story of Keiko, the whale who starred in the film.

What makes Keiko's tale even sadder, though, is the fact that animals on screen still suffer for the sake of entertainment.

Their stories must be told. What happened to these animals must not happen again.

1. 27 animals, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Despite having the best special effects on the planet, production of The Hobbit allegedly killed 27 animals, such as goats and sheep - through exhaustion and dehydration.

If this is true, there is no excuse for this type of animal neglect, particularly after shocking abuses were rumored around Life of Pi and show Luck previously. This has to stop.

2. Golden Retriever puppies, Snow Buddies (2008)

Cute kids' movie Snow Buddies was unprepared for the intricacies of bringing so many animals together on set, and sadly, failed to provide proper inoculations.

Easily preventable diseases soon spread between the puppies, many of whom were too young to leave their mothers, and five puppies died.

3. Many animals, Heaven's Gate (1980)

The American Humane Society was reportedly forbidden from a free run of the set for Heaven's Gate, leading the group to picket the film's release.

Heaven's Gate was accused of killing four horses, staging cockfights, decapitating a chicken, disembowelling a cow and blowing up a horse with dynamite.

4. Travis the chimp, Coca Cola commercial

Perhaps the most tragic of all screen-name animals was Travis the Chimp. He starred in a Coca Cola campaign, but it was in his role as beloved companion to his owner that he was most cherished.

This all changed when Travis attacked his owner's friend, savagely biting off her face and leaving the victim unrecognizable. Travis was shot by a policeman at the scene.

5. Tweet the giraffe, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Jolly giant Tweet appeared alongside in 90's favorite Ace Ventura, as well being the star of the original Toys 'R' Us adverts.

Sadly, Tweet died after chewing on a tarpaulin over his pen; the Dept. of Agriculture ruled that the cover contained harmful substances.

This abuse and neglect of animals has got to stop. A movie is not an excuse to mistreat a living being.

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