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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Everyone knows that Clint Eastwood based Gran Torino on family tales of his naughty son, Scott, running off with Pop's wheels, but do you remember these other films to feature the father-son duo?

1) Eastwood of Eden

This raw black and white classic sees black sheep Scott try to earn the approval of the strict family patriarch in the face of filial secrets and fortunes lost and won. Also, lots of pics of Scott Eastwood looking moody.

2) The Lion Clint

Young cub Scott must journey through the animal kingdom and the circle of life to gain the respect of his pride after the tragic death of his father. The youthful Scott discovers what his claws are for in this feelgood film for all the family.

3) The Life Aquatic with Scott Eastwood

Eastwood Snr and Jnr are set adrift on the wide ocean as they try to reforge fading family ties. There are charming musical numbers and highly stylized characters, seeing the Western star and his son pursuing a new maritime direction.

4) The Man With No Name...except 'Mrs Doubtfire'

After being denied access to his offspring, Clint Eastwood is forced to assume a female alter-ego - Clintina Doubtfire - in order to see his beloved son Scott. Despite being a comedy hit, many viewers were disturbed at how attractive they found the shapely Clintina.

5) Finding Scott Eastwood

After seeing his mother and siblings eaten by an Australian barracuda, the young Scott is brought up by his kindly clown fish father, Clint. However, when Scott goes missing, it's up to Clint to search the seas to find his piscine son. Pictured above is Scott with two of his attractive co-stars.

Any excuse to gaze at shots of Scott Eastwood, eh? Just be glad we didn't have time to go into To Clint a Mockingbird...



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