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Dania Lerman

The Lego Movie has been a roaring success, much to the appreciation of all of us who shed tears, broke fingernails, and experienced the force of self-affirmation over childhood Lego constructions.

But us 90s kids also know there were so many other games equally responsible for the development of our imaginations and ultimate sense of self. So, here's my proposal for 5 other childhood toys that should be movies, too:

1) K'NEX

In the year 4000, robots plow through cities and threaten human existence. It's all up to one young genius whose mechanical brilliance is our only hope in defeating the monsters we've created - the boy with the yellow briefcase.

2) Playmobil

In this coming-of-age tale, the young princess of Playmobil Manor is caught in a tug-of-war between the pull of her heart and the royal duties expected of her from her family, and her people.

3) Play-Doh

We all know Play-Doh is a childhood escape where "imagination takes shape". But little do we know how literal that is...a rampantly imaginative child obliviously becomes a villain when she can't resist to taste her salty friends.

4) Twister

15-year-old Alex is sucked into the world of a massive Twister match he must win in order to escape. His struggle to twist and wind around all sorts of people exposes the both natural and contrived aspects of human sexuality.

5) Jenga

Savvy spy kids take over the world with master Jenga skills - as architects, they design major political headquarters which they slyly destroy by removing its foundation one brick at a time. By the time anyone can notice, it's far too late.

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