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From everything we've seen so far, we know that Season 4 of The Walking Dead is pretty much going to punch us in the face with awesome. And we also know, after the sneak preview that was released last week, that things will only get worse for our unlucky band of survivors.

But, if you simply can't wait for the season to air and feel compelled to start putting the pieces together already - POTENTIALLY BIG SPOILER ALERT! - here are the top five things we can figure out from the sneak preview so far, courtesy of

1.) The walkers are evolving

The walkers no longer appear to be completely mindless. In some of the new footage from the upcoming season, it appeared they were banding together in larger groups and actively working together to storm the prison barricades. Are they becoming more intelligent? Or are they just starting to band together and come in waves? One thing is for certain, they're no longer shambling about individually, and are now a new level of nightmare for the survivors to deal with.

2.) Will Carl make new friends his own age?

Carl is, uh...okay, let's be honest. Carl is well on his way to riding the same crazy train as his dad, Rick, and doing it in a much more cold-blooded way. Part of that was because he had no people his own age and so he was forced to act like an adult and make adult decisions way before he was ready to. But the preview showed him hanging out with some kids more his own age. And look, they even appear to be playing soccer, like normal, non-lunatic children. Will they be able to pull him back from the brink?

3.) Tyreese & Karen, sitting in a tree

We saw Tyreese picking up Karen's hand and kissing it, as actor pointed out the prison represented a sense of normalcy for them, security. But is it to be short-lived? We all know The Walking Dead tends not to be kind to its couples, and as it looks like Glenn and Maggie aren't going anywhere any time soon (we think)...well, you know. I'm just saying, I wouldn't plan the wedding yet.

4.) Someone's going to die

No way around it, the preview clearly showed Rick and Daryl digging a fresh grave for someone wrapped in a makeshift shroud. As I highly doubt they'd do a random walker the courtesy, it looks like it will be one of the survivors from within the prison. Did he or she get turned and had to be killed? Was it an accident? Something more sinister? In any case, the cast is about to lose one survivor.

5.) Maybe we know the ending of the Tyreese/Karen love story after all

We know Tyreese and Karen get together. We know someone dies. And in one shot, we see Tyreese with flowers in his hand, presumably on his way to see his girl. But...he looks shocked, as if he can't believe what he's seeing. Did we just figure out who Rick and Daryl are burying? Possibly.

If you're a brave and hardy soul who has read the entire article, I salute you and want to know your thoughts. What do you think will happen on Season 4? Any major storylines? Who gets killed? Sound of in the comments, Moviepilots.

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