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Let me just say it upfront: Sense8's second season is a breath of fresh air. After the long wait between seasons, comes into its second season with war-cries, some serious head-butting and a truckload of answers — though, sadly, there are no NSFW cluster scenes this time around.

For all those who deemed Sense8 a cool but hard-to-follow series, the Wachowskis explain — in thorough detail — everything there is to know about the Sensates and the threat they are trying to evade.

If the first season left us with a cliffhanger that was supposed to hook us into finding out more about the Sensates themselves, then Sense8 Season 2 ties many of those loose ends together, managing to end on a pretty hopeful note for the Sensates. Although, in typical Wachowski style, for every answer offered there is yet another question raised. Here are five of those questions from Sense8 Season 2 that we would definitely tune in to see answered in a (hopeful) third season:

1. Is Jonas Friend Or Foe?

In Sense8's premiere season, we were introduced to Jonas as a friend to both the cluster and Angelica. The Christmas special showed Jonas teaching Will about psi-blockers and how to evade Whispers, but the second season has Jonas shifting his alliances pretty heavily. He starts as a friend, then he apparently dies — only to be spared by the BPO — and finally he chooses to help Whispers instead of Will and the cluster.

Granted, after his near-death experience, Jonas is entitled to fight for his life anyway he can. But it seems odd that he would desert Will and raise the alarm that the BPO was under attack. After all, if Will and his cluster managed to eliminate Whispers' threat, wouldn't Jonas be free as well?

2. How Do Sensates From Different Clusters Interact?

The first season of Sense8 explained that only when Sensates make eye contact with each other, can they form a connection outside their cluster — as was the case with Will and Whispers in the finale. But the second season brings a whole different type of interaction to the table, when Wolfgang meets Lila Fachinni. A Sensate herself, Lila is able to project herself away from her body (and "get to know" Wolfgang a whole lot better) while keeping her wits and a clear mind. She teaches Wolfgang a bit about it, but not enough for him to make sense of it.

Whispers too is upping his game with Traceworks — a device that enables him to forge a connection with another Sensate without the need for physical eye contact. This is how he is able to track down Kala at the airport through Wolfgang's connection with her, and that is also why Puck — the Sensate that connects with Riley in Amsterdam — gets a warning to take the psi-blockers and stay under radar. It's very likely Whispers has many other Sensates in his lab to create links with as many clusters as he can.

3. What Happened At Angelica's Cabin?

We know the cabin and all her research exploded when Raoul burned everything and then set fire to himself, but Angelica does tell Whispers that she'll start it all over. As far as Whispers was concerned, she was bound to restart her research from scratch; but what she really meant was that it was time to give birth to a new cluster. So how much of Angelica's research did Whispers have with him at the BPO facility when the cabin exploded? Was it enough for him to evolve it into Traceworks, or did Angelica go back to work for him again?

Angelica had been hiding in the cabin with her first cluster before she joined Whispers in Chicago and Jonas went to investigate the Iceland facility. So why did Jonas say that Raoul was the last one from Angelica's cluster and the only one he met, if Todd was clearly alive — and was lobotomized by Whispers to commit the mass shooting? Could it be that Jonas has been working with the BPO all along? Like Sun, I just don't trust that guy...

4. What Will The Cluster Do With Jonas And Whispers?

The real question here is how much leverage they can offer the cluster if Jonas is only alive because of Whispers' influence — and Whispers will most definitely be too compromised for the BPO to try and rescue him. The Chairman uses Whispers — and his lobotomized group of Sensate serial killers — to secure his political advantages and eliminate the competition. Obviously, he'll not be able to help the Chairman from now on, thus his life should no longer be of interest to the BPO.

If Will and the cluster can't use Whispers or Jonas for a prisoner exchange, then the next possible use for them is to figure out the truth behind Angelica's research and story — which both Jonas and Whispers are deeply entwined with.

5. What Will Happen To Wolfgang?

With the possibility of exchanging Whispers for Wolfgang out of the way, Kala's beloved has his fate pretty much sealed. The fact that Whispers is no longer at the BPO's disposal most certainly doesn't mean that they'll give up harassing the Sensates — especially with the likes of Lila at the BPO's beck and call. Surely someone will step up and take over the experiments, and that someone could very well be Professor Kolov. After all, he and Whispers worked closely together with Angelica to secure that her research and her data were still of use to them.

Most importantly, Wolfgang is taken just as he and Kala are finally on their way to meet each other in Paris; could it be that Sense8 will never give them the happy ending they deserve? I certainly hope that's not the case!

Since has only just debuted, there's still no announcement for a possible Season 3 of the series. If things follow in the steps of the first season, it may very well take over a year for to make their intention of producing a third season public. However, with the amount of information the ten episodes of the second season throws at us, I'm fairly sure fans will have a lot to churn over before the riots begin.

What questions do you have after binging the Season 2 of Sense8? Share them with us in them comments.


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