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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Robert Pattinson surprised many fans when he moved from Twilight to more adult-themed movies, such as Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and upcoming crime drama The Rover.

The young star is growing up...just like...Leonardo DiCaprio...

Did you spot these exciting similarities between the two superstars?

1. Rob and Leo both began as teen heartthrobs.

Just as Leo's Jack did in Titanic, Rob's Edward Cullen (Twilight) set the standard of crushed-out dreaminess for millions of teens in their generation. These movies were vital choices to raise their actor profiles.

2. They've both been Known for a spot of partying...

OK, so Leo may have hit the clubs a little harder than Rob in his day, but there's no shortage of stories about Rob's partying. Obviously, the guys were affected by their meteoric rise to the dizzying heights of fame.

3. ...and some rough on-off relationship breakdown

Kind Leo understood Rob's heartbreak so well after his tempestuous on-off relationship with model Gisele Buendchen, he even offered R-Pattz a stay at his Miami place to clear his head post-Kristen! This real-life heartache seems to be reflected in Rob and Leo's decisions to move away from romantic teen movies; Rob played Dali in Little Ashes after Twilight, and Leo went from Titanic to a Woody Allen movie!

4. Leo and Rob are both known for their generosity to charity

Rob supports GO Campaign and the International Medical Corps, while it's primarily environmental issues close to Leo's heart. Either way, both stars have an admirable level of kindness and social responsibility.

5. Rob and Leo have moved towards more serious roles

Leo has gone from youthful pin-up to award-nominated actor, with acclaimed roles in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. Rob is making a similar move, stretching his abilities as a thespian in The Rover. Let's wish him all of his star counterpart's success!

See a grittier, darker side of Robert Pattinson in The Rover, July 18.


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