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Dania Lerman

Beyond wanting to muster some straight-up appreciation for this beloved 90s flick, it also happens to be (very conveniently) the most PERFECT movie for EVERYONE on Valentine's Day, no matter how much you love/despise the old 2/14. Here's why:

1) If you're in Valentine spirit, you'll die for the romance:

Question: could that be any sweeter? Answer: no.

2) If you're in the more cynical crowd, you'll get a kick out of this:

That's addressed to his ex-fiance, FYI.

3) Drew is as charming/quirky/relateable as ever:

I mean...who doesn't love a good 'ol dose of 90s Drew?

4) We get to watch Billy Idol play himself:


5) It's the ultimate underdog victory:

Whether your snuggling up with a sweetie, or biting the dust of the single valentine blues, the happy ending for the failed-rockstar-dumped-at-the-alter-of-his-own-wedding appeals to everyone.

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