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With the summer absences of my favorite shows, Scandal, American Horror Story and Bates Motel, though Suits is around, I had to find myself a new dark, gripping and strange something-to-chew-on. What I stumbled upon was Netflix's latest original series, Hemlock Grove. I had previously ignored it - thinking I would not be satisfied, but quite honestly, I am satisfied. And I am happy with my decision to being watching it. I picked it up some time last week and just finished it yesterday evening so I have some opinions on it. But before I begin, I want to warn those who have watched House of Cards against comparing this work to that - two totally different series. And if you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, well, there's the door. I KID. All are welcome, and I want to make this short and sweet and simple so five key things:

Number 1:

Hemlock Grove is a very strange town, with very little people, and mostly, probably, stupid people. It reminds me of Once Upon A Time, in that respect; tries hard to create atmosphere around the town, but ultimately fails. shrug shoulders

Number 2:

The episodes vary from being very very good to not so good and boring - I'm being honest here.

Number 3:

The werewolf transformation of Peter is DOPE! Nothing like I've ever seen before and definitely very neat.

Number 4

Olivia and Roman Godfrey are Vampires! The particular vampire myth the show uses are Upyrs/Upirs of Russian folklore (they also are either figuratively or literally -i'm confused by this, too - related to Dragons). Olivia Godfrey has an obsession for flesh, while her son, Roman, prefers blood.

Number 5

It's just a really strange roller coaster. I don't want to give away too much, because I want you to go watch it, but I will say, despite the criticism, I actually think Olivia Godfrey aka Famke Janssen is the most memorable part, aside from Shelly, Roman and Peter (in that order). The last three episodes, in particular are really fantastic! The final episode, Birth, is especially great - and the last twenty minutes of it were probably some of my better spent 20 minutes.

This show, unlike other serials, ties everything up pretty much in two episodes - meaning it's hard to stay attached and feel the need to return, because there aren't too many reveals in each episode.

I apologize if this review is a little shaky, but if you haven't watched it already, go forth! If I'm doing ratings here, I'd give it a 3/5. I personally appreciated it, but it is one of those things that you either love or hate - and it is easy to hate. Despite, there is something very eerie and appealing about it: so all you blood-guts-and-gore-lovers, vampire lovers, and mystery lovers hop on board. Don't expect Oscar performances but do expect this series to never leave you.

Tell me what you guys think of it! Season two is currently in development so drop your possible story arcs down below - and please, tell me who your favorite character is!


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