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In Descendants, we'll get a glimpse into the lives of Disney's notorious villains' offspring in their quest for family redemption. I think it sounds awesome - here are some more reasons if you are not fully convinced.

1) It will be a live-action Disney film

The Descendants will be a live-action movie starring every Disney villain that you care about. Thats right - we’re talking Maleficent, Jafar The Evil Queen from Snow White, amongst others. Awesome.

*2) Descendants will be directed by High School Musical creator *

This means more teenage angst, cheesy choreography and massive musical numbers than I will be able to deal with. My head is totally in this game.

3) It is basically a Disney remake of Mean Girls

Not sure whether the villious descendants will be the equivalent of the plastics or the art nerds. Either way I hope they have space for me on their table.

4) All the Disney villains have been locked away in a prison

And this is what it probably looks like. Lock me up.

5) Cruella de Vil has embraced motherhood and has a son called Carlos.

Who thought the woman who attempted to murder 100 dalmatian puppies could be a potential soccer mom?

So there you have it. The movie will start filming next spring and should be released in time for 2015. I can't wait. What about you? Let me know in the comment box below.


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