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Will Wharton

Have you heard of The Physician? Or Der Medicus as the Germans are calling it. Chances are you haven't, it's an upcoming movie based on an extremely successful book which wasn't very successful in your country. Or my country. In fact only in Germany and Spain did Noah Gordon's epic continent-spanning Odyssey become a smash hit best seller, so much so the Europeans have managed to cobble together almost $5 million to get the movie made.

Still not sold?

Well, how about I make 5 small comparisons:

1) Rob (The titular Physician) has a magical gift! (He knows when someone is about to die)

a little like...

2) A grubby mentor sets him off on his journey! (That's Avenger's Stellan Skarsgard!)

a little bit like...

3) He gains access to a prestigious school that most cannot enter! (Persia's School Of Physcians)

quite similar to...

4) The English are bitter and suspicious of his new form of learning

very similar to...

Worryingly similar!

5) A lordly villain seeks to rule the people!

who's a bit like...


Add to this potent wizarding cocktail a secret romance, a risky escape and Sir Ben 'freakin' Kingsley and you're on to a total winner.

Chances are we might not see theatrical release stateside but hey, stranger things have happened!

Like this awkward photo:


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