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"Together, we are unstoppable."

It's no secret that representation in media is growing. Lately, television and movies have become more inclusive, and in recent years comics have been growing in this area by leaps and bounds. One comic that outstandingly exemplifies that growth is The Infinite Loop.

Writer, Pierrick Colinet and artist, Elsa Charretier launched a crowdfunding campaign for the six-issue series that was highly successful. It was picked up for release through IDW Publishing in 2015. This past Wednesday marked the beginning of "Throwback The Infinite Loop Week" to celebrate its upcoming hardcover edition.

To celebrate the book's impact, let's take a look at what makes it so special and why you should read (or reread) it ASAP.

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It's A Sci-Fi Adventure

In Teddy's world, time travel is the norm. It's her job to correct time paradoxes and protect the world from "anomalies." Thankfully, the book's elements aren't too technical, which makes it more fluid and enjoyable. Every page is a fascinating adventure that will leave you wanting more.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

Tackles Real Life Issues

Teddy sees that there is an infinite loop of hatred, and it exists in our real world too. She analyzes:

"Love has always been the first pretext to hate each other, to exterminate. In each and every time period, those in charge impose their own definition of culture."

This caused Teddy to be put off by love at first. But later, she realized that every day we have a choice to break this loop. One of the best gifts of life is the ability to stand up for what you believe in. Embracing love and hope can radiate positivity in the end.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

Acknowledges Being Queer In Today's World

The infinite loop concept coincided with the book's excellent use of queer representation. Our protagonist met a beautiful girl named Ano, who she instantly fell for. When Teddy couldn't bear the thought of losing her, she brought her to a secret, happy place where time and space is eliminated. Though Ano was in love, she was confused by this fortress. She questioned, why Teddy was hiding from the outside world? Why isn't she coming out to fight for a better, empowered world? Ano didn't want her to let the forces of ignorance blind her. Once Teddy took her advice, strength and unity became visible.

As a proud member of the community, I think it's important to remember that ignorance and detestation should never keep us hidden.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

Brilliant Artwork

You might recognize the artwork by Charretier, who drew the cover of the best-selling anthology, Love Is Love.

Personally, she is my favorite artist in the comic world. She has a Bruce Timm-meets-Darwyn Cooke approach, but with a style and brightness all her own. It truly reflected the nature of this comic — a colorful world that celebrates love, acceptance and the differences of people.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

Makes Readers Part Of The Story

I know what you're thinking, can this book get any cooler? Many of its pages offered fun labyrinths that brought us into Teddy's journey and choices. It certainly heightened its engaging tone and delivered entertainment the whole way through.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

Final Thoughts

The Infinite Loop is more than just a love story, it's a trip to a world that transcends its existence by fighting for freedom. There is always a way to strive for equality, and guess what? We don't need time travel to do it. As Teddy realized, it may not be easy at times, but we can't give up.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Charretier expresses:

"You don’t have to be gay to feel the need to raise attention against an injustice, against a right that is being flooded: the right to love freely and not be judged for it."

In a time where a lot of us are afraid for America's future, this story is a tremendous source of inspiration and relief. It helps us remember that together, we are unstoppable in the fight against hatred.

The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]
The Infinite Loop [Credit: IDW Publishing]

The Infinite Loop is available in trade paperback through Amazon and IDW Publishing. A hardcover edition will be available in March.

Tell us what you enjoyed most about this comic in the comments below! Do you want to see Teddy and Ano go on more adventures in the future?


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