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Hey horror fans! The name is Florence, and I am pleased to share with you my first Moviepilot article. For every new scary movie that comes out, there seems to be a billion top horror list to come out. Still, it is somehow hard to find a list to our own personal taste, a list that will make us want to see every movie on it. This is why I decided to share with you my own personal list of scary movies. These movies aren't necessarily my favorites, but they are the ones that scared me the most. For me, those movies do not imply bloody scenes, for that I found those to be entertaining at the most, a waste of time and special effects at the worst. However, those movies are full of good jumps, and the story will keep on haunting you weeks after you've seen the movie. I strongly recommend you watch those movies alone, in the dark, and if possible, in a basement, to turn the creep factor up a notch.

#5 The Conjuring

The Conjuring is more than entertaining: it's flat out scary. Whether you believe in the fact that it's a true story or not won't change how much it'll scare you. There is a lot of good jumps, but also the story is interesting. What's even better? After seeing the movie, do some research on the internet. I am pretty sure you'll get a few chills when you realize that Annabelle really existed...

#4 Dead Silence

Yes, another movie. Everything from A to Z turns out to be perfect to give you the juiciest nightmares in Dead Silence. First of all: a doll. Oh, evil dolls, aren't they always scary? And don't you have one, somewhere, in your house? The tension is very high in this movie; again, lots of jumps, but mostly the final act will leave you traumatized for a long, long time. Thrust me, the story will stay with you forever.

#3 Sinister

This one along with number one proves that the scariest movies can be PG-13s. First off, the story of this movie is simply awesome. From the first minute to the very last second, you will be on edge, scared and waiting for the next jump...Which is always just right around the corner. The best part? This movie is one you won't get tired of watching. You can listen to it again and again, and still be scared as much as the first time.

#2 Eden Lake

This one is very different from all the others on this list, and I highly recommend for you to question the strength of your stomach before watching it...This one is a hard one. Like I said, it's very different than the others, and in this one you'll see a lot of blood. Realistic blood, with realistic torture scenes. What's really scary with this movie is that it's very real like I've already mentioned, but also that it could happen to anyone at anytime. It's been a while since I've seen this one, and the images are still carved in my mind. If you can endure the violence, it is definitely a must see.

#1 The Woman in Black (2012 version)

I know that one as received very mixed opinions, but to me, it's the best. I can honestly tell you that I have never been so scared in my entire life. Seriously. I yelled out loud two times in the theater, and I didn't even want to yell, my mouth just opened and I wasn't able to control it anymore. All the jumps are good, and there is a lot of them. But even without the jumps you'll be scared, just imagining what you'd do if you were Arthur Kipps. And let me tell you, 's face will represent perfectly the terror that'll be boiling inside of you during those 95 minutes of pure genius.

Hope you'll enjoy, and don't forget that this is just my opinion. I do not claim those movies to be the best, only the one that personally scared me the most.


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