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Both the Resident Evil games and movies have turned into big-time action franchises. This can be a good or bad thing depending on which you prefer. However, no matter which side of the fence you fall on, many fans agree that neither franchise has been scary in a long time.

Thankfully, looks like it's heading in the right direction. (Play the demo if you want proof).

Since the next film is concluding its fourteen-year series, we can finally hope for a much scarier reboot. However, if whomever takes over the next version of the film franchise really wants to give fans the scary movie they want to see, they need to incorporate some key aspects from the classic video games that have been sorely missed.

Here are 5 things a Resident Evil movie reboot could learn from those early games.

5. Less Action, More Suspense

Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]
Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]

Most of the films are pretty much post-apocalyptic action movies. That's not to say they aren't good, or at least entertaining, but if a reboot does follow in the direction of the earlier games then the series would be much more of a suspenseful horror movie. Many fans think that's exactly the kind of film it should be if a reboot is going to feel familiar and fresh.

4. More Eerie Problem Solving

Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]
Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]

This relates back to the last point on this list, which means less shooting and more problem solving. Searching for secret doors, finding strange keys, and other clues are all things that made the early Resident Evil video games so great and scary. The tension that builds from not knowing what's behind the door or around that dark corner is a terrifying element the next films should include.

3. Bring On The Terrifying Remote Settings

Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]
Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]

Another thing that made the games so great were the settings. Abandoned mansions, trains, and other solitary locations made these classics much scarier than they would've been otherwise. Most of the time you felt like you were on your quest alone, which is another aspect of the original games a film reboot should incorporate into its story and and setting.

2. Huge, Disgusting, Creatures and Villains

Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]
Resident Evil [Credit: Capcom]

The video game series is as known as much for showcasing mutated creatures, plants, and monsters as it is zombies -- all of which added to the freakish atmosphere that became a beloved aspect of the franchise. It also reinforced the idea that absolutely nothing was safe from being infected. If a garden plant can grow into a 20-foot zombie tree, you know nothing is off limits.

1. The Unsettling, Atmospheric Theme Music Needs To Come Back

Remember when you'd go and save your game in Resident Evil, and that really creepy music would start playing? Those are exactly the types of tunes they should bring into the next film reboot. No more rock music. The musical themes in the original game create an atmosphere scary enough to send chills down your spine. It made you feel safe. While at the same time, reminded you it wouldn't last long.

What do you think? Should a Resident Evil movie reboot go back to its roots or continue to be an over-the-top action film franchise?


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