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The penultimate episode of Shadowhunters Season 2 left us on quite the cliffhanger as it looked as though the show had finally eliminated one of their primary villains — Jonathan. Of course, in the world of Shadowhunters, nothing is ever certain, and this week's episode jumped right in with the aftermath of Jonathan's death. Having been washed up on a beach closed off to the public, a dying Jonathan manages to use the last of his energy to open up a rift in New York, and summon a hell of a lot of demons.

Whilst the gang actively tried to control and contain their new threat, Valentine lurked in the background, and thus, the Season Finale of had quite a bit of ground to cover. Thankfully, it managed to tie up a lot of loose ends, bringing most of the show's relationships / narratives to some sort of closure. Keep reading to see the top 5 things we learned in this week's Shadowhunters.

1. Jonathan Summons The Mother Of All Demons - Lilith

The show has introduced a host of new characters this season, and moving forward into Season 3, we're set to see a ton more. When Jonathan uses the last of his strength to open up a rift and allow demons to roam the city, it's not to attack — rather it's in an attempt to raise his "mother", Lilith.

Known as the mother of all demons (among many, many other names), Lilith is basically one hell of a woman (literally), and a worse villain then the show's main antagonist, Valentine. The demons — who merely circled the city, waiting for their numbers to grow, were gathering in order to take the form of Lilith when she finally arrived.

Lilith. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform]
Lilith. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform]

She eventually takes on a very dark form at the end of the episode, having rescued Jonathan's fallen body, calling him "son" as she strokes his cheek. Though this means things are on the up for Jonathan, it spells a whole lot more trouble for Clary and co. come Season 3, so let's hope they're prepared.

2. Jace Is Reserrected - But It's Not Without Its Consequences

Every promo for the Season Finale had advertised that someone would die — a main character, and sadly that person was Jace. Thankfully, he didn't actually remain dead very long, as when Valentine finally managed to raise the Angel Raziel, the angel brought Jace back to life.

The Angel Raziel. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
The Angel Raziel. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

Unfortunately, resurrection is not without its consequences, and as everyone celebrates the end of a pretty hard day at the bar, Jace finds himself doubled over in pain. The show doesn't make it clear why or how he's in pain, but if we're going by the books here, there's only one explanation.

In the books, when Jace is brought back to life by the Angel Raziel, it affects the natural wards and protection that Nephilim have against evil. This means that for Jace, being brought back to life again, removes those wards and protection, making him susceptible to all manner of evil forces. He is essentially, walking around like a Mundane.

The show has taken quite a bit of creative license with the source material, so it's not clear whether or not they'll be following that narrative for Jace. However, they've always managed to keep the narrative going in the same general manner as the books, so for now we may just see some variation of this storyline play out regardless.

3. Malec Finally Make Up

Magnus and Alec have been fighting for what feels like an eternity on the show, with Magnus angered at how Alec repeatedly kept secrets from him regarding the Clave and Downworld. Though things were still tense this week when Alec came to Magnus for help and not to apologise, the two eventually reconciled when Alec made a heartfelt apology.

Alec apologizes to Magnus, telling him that he doesn't think he can live without him, and as Magnus regains his strength from closing the rift earlier on in the episode, the two reconcile. They then leave the party, presumably to have one of their own (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), ready to tackle whatever Season 3 throws at them, together.

What Malec likely got up to when they got home. 'Shadowhunters'[Credit: Freeform,Netflix]
What Malec likely got up to when they got home. 'Shadowhunters'[Credit: Freeform,Netflix]

4. Simon Sacrifices Himself To The Seelie Queen

Simon Lewis is probably one of the most optimistic, kind-hearted characters on the show, and if you were ever in any doubt that, all you need do is watch the Season Finale. When Maia is captured and taken hostage by the Seelie Queen, Simon and Luke race to find her and save her. The Seelie Queen has always had an unusual fascination with Simon — whom she refers to merely as "the Daylighter" — and it seems as though that came in handy when saving Maia.

Unwilling to give up Maia, Simon agrees to talk with the Seelie Queen as Luke — frustrated and annoyed — runs off to find Maia for himself. When Luke returns with Maia, he finds the Seelie Queen ready and willing to let them go, even providing them with a guide to lead them out of the Seelie Realm. Both Luke and Maia question the Seelie Queen's insistence they are free, after previously refusing to let them go.

When the episode comes to a close, and Simon and Maia discuss the day and their relationship, Simon neglects to tell Maia what really went down. He instead tells her that he is incredibly persuasive, and that that's why the Seelie Queen let them go. Of course, when he later shows up at the Seelie Realm ready to "fulfill his promise" it becomes obvious that Simon sacrificed himself for Maia (and Luke). He's been invited to stay with the Queen many a time, and has refused her, but it seems that kidnapping Maia was the final nail in the coffin for Vampire Simon, and thus he sacrifices himself to the Queen and her will.

It's not clear whether or not Simon will stay there permanently, as a member of her court, or part-time, but his absence will surely be noticed. In the wake of The Seelie Queen's deal with Valentine, she's not exactly one of the gang's favourite people, and taking Simon likely won't go down well with them.

5. Clary Savagely Murders Valentine — Finally!

This is the shortest point of the bunch, but is, arguably, the best. Clary Fairchild, hasn't been a Shadowhunter for very long, but already we've seen how determined she is to become the best. She's trained with Izzy, learned from Jace and followed her instincts, and for the most part, it seems to do her well.

This week's episode saw Valentine surprisingly kill Jace the moment he arrived at Lake Lyn with Clary. This action naturally left Clary grief-stricken, but through her grief she was able to fight back stronger than ever, hitting back at Valentine at every turn. It was a pretty brutal fight, with Valentine landing quite a few super hard blows to Clary's face. Thankfully, our girl's not a quitter, and she got up after every punch, eventually overpowering and killing him.

You can check out Clary's most badass fight scene below, as she finally kills the show's big bad.

Shadowhunters will return in 2018! For now, you can binge watch it on Netflix and on the Freeform app!

What was your favorite moment from the Shadowhunters finale?


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