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I really can’t wait for Iron Man 3. Here’s why:

Iron Man 3 is going to be the best one yet. If you don’t believe me check out Shane Black’s FANTASTIC Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, also starring one Robert Downey Jr. and you’ll get a taste of the crackling dialogue and brutal action that we’re in for. This movie has SO much promise, with every element that has been dangled in front of us so far filling me with hope and enthusiasm. The cast, the story, the director... EVERYTHING! It can’t fail. Or can it?

Look at Iron Man 2, coming off the back of one of the most successful superhero movies ever: it seemed destined to be awesome. Unfortunately it wasn’t; it was a rehash of the last movie, but without the cool origin story. I hated it; I really did. I felt it was trading in all the goodwill Tony Stark won from us, 'the audience', with the first suprise hit. So I’m really hoping the planets will align, and all previous sins will be atoned for.

But just in case they don’t...

And just in case Marvel is listening... (They aren’t)

The Top 5 Things I Want For Iron Man 3

Guy Pearce To Play A Really Awesome Villain

Guy Pearce is one of my favorite actors. I believe the guy can do anything, he just doesn’t get the chance to show it. Take a look at this years Prometheus viral video where he gives a Ted talk; it’s really incredible stuff. Rumor has it that Pearce will play the first victim of the Extremis formula and will end up doing some pretty bad things which will need old shell-head to sort out. Now, this sounds great: have Pearce play a totally damaged soul who revels in his new power, have real tragedy touch him as his addiction to the Extremis virus grows in him, and have him play a real threat to Tony Stark. Pearce could OWN this role.

Ben Kingsley Not To Overdo The Mandarin

Another rumor puts Ben Kingsley’s characters as evil Chinese industrialist and regular Stark botherer The Mandarin. Despite Shane Black’s claims that the character is racist, all signs point to the Kingsley eschewing the role. IF this is the case, and it’s a big if, then please dear God-Kingsley, do NOT make him a camp, sneering Ming the Merciless-type figure. In fact, in order to make Mr Black feel better let’s make him a white American working in China that way we get over the thorny issue of Ben Kingsley not ACTUALLY being any way Chinese. That would work.

Cut Tony Stark WIDE Open

I know we’re not going down the whole demon in a bottle route (shame) but let’s take the opportunity of the Extremis storyline to cut Stark right down to the quick. The Extremis storyline actually sees Stark inject himself with nanites which allow him to store the Iron Man armour in his bones. Meaning he can activate it with his mind and have it form around him at a moments notice. Let’s see a really dark path leading Tony to this potentially insane decision. This should not be taken lightly, and could possibly be motivated by the death of a main character that Tony failed to save because he couldn’t get the suit on quick enough. Bye-bye Pepper? Bye- bye Rhodey? (I couldn’t give two shits about these characters, kill them both if it serves a good storyline, I think.)

More Flying

You heard me. I want to see Iron Man flying around more. That sequence in The Avengers where Stark is followed through the streets of Manhattan with aliens blasting him from behind the camera? Spectacular, in 3D it was even more spectacular. I don’t care about him fighting people or jets in the sky; I just want to capture that feeling of soaring through the air that only Iron Man feels. Do it justice Mr Black.

Avengers Cameos!

We know it can work. We know you can do it. So, for God’s sake, Marvel, stick Thor in there! Or Cap! Or best of all... HULK! How good was Hulk in The Avengers? Imagine Banner and Stark side by side teaming up to battle the Extremis-infected people. Ooooh, feel that? I just got chills.

So what say you? Thoughts? What do you want to see in Iron Man 3? Let us know in the comments.


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